Best Shot Monday ~ Wishing

I never could have predicted the full range of raw emotion that motherhood would elicit.  Protectiveness – sure, I expected that.  Yet I’m finding the line between meeting their every need and catering to their momentary wants.  Watching them play, my heart swells with both excitement at the fun they’re having, at the memories being built.

Then I see the longing in his eyes as he scans the area for one of the coveted fishy squirt toys.  Looking to the water, his eyes quickly survey the sad scene that all the toys have been claimed.  (I can’t help but point out the full net in the background of this picture!). 

Gardens 6

Then he spies a fellow water-parker with some fishies in her net.  The little expression on his face and my memory of how nonchalantly he hoped to get his hands on one of those toys, makes me want to laugh and cry.  I’m so thankful and proud that he wasn’t knocking kids over to get what he wanted, yet I desperately want only the best for my precious kids.  Shortly after this moment, I went on the search myself.  When I returned with a terrific purple octopus, I was already awaiting the excited squeals.  Much to my surprise, he dismissed it with barely a second glance and continued longing for a fish.  It had to be a fish. 

Gardens 7

I realized then, though it’s a lesson I’ve far from mastered, that my role in this life, my job and awesome responsibility, isn’t always to provide the very thing that gives them temporary joy.  Rather, in the face of disappointment and desire, to lead them through those impulses and toward a more lasting fulfillment.  Today, these are both my very best shots.

A Few Hours On a Thursday Morning

Life has always surprised me, but I find that as a mother I’m surprised more often and my vision more acute to the subtle changes, the slight differences that amuse and delight me.  Like the day this spring when I was bustling around the kitchen trying to leave the house on time and Calder saw a packet of Equal in my hand.  “Momma, you makin’ coffee?” he asked.  A mundane task and one he watches and remembers.

Or last week when, after climbing into his booster seat indpendently and without being buckled (after all we’d just finished lunch) he sat there for a moment before announcing, “I be careful, else I crack my head!” 

And this morning, as Seneca and I greeted him by coming in to play and he bounded out of bed and asked, “You sleep good Momma?” just the way I ask him every day.  I suppose I’m painting a pretty rosy picture here, so to give myself some real credibility, the little ditty I made up that goes, “Calder Damien, Calder Damien, Calder Damien, Stop Picking Your Nose!” also gets recounted often complete with the nose-picking that originally altered the final lines of his little song in the first place!

In any case, it’s these moments, that make me realize just what an awesome privilege it is to raise these two little people.  And today, I’m sure that my own mom didn’t know that she’d provided an amazing title to a poem or short story or piece of episodic fiction that I have yet to write when, basking in the gorgeous sun of a perfect summer day she commented on the perfection of the park we visited.  “It feels like we’re up north camping,” she said, “and really it’s just been a few hours on a Thursday morning.”

I guess as children we’re always watching our parents.  I’m thankful for such amazing examples and pray that I too can provide a model I’d be proud to have emulated.

Collage 1

July 2009 279

July 2009 281

July 2009 282

July 2009 289

July 2009 291

July 2009 294

July 2009 296

July 2009 304

Museum Fun

Last week we headed to Impression 5 to check out their cool exhibits and the new First Impression room designed specifically for toddlers!  It was an action-packed day that involved a quick 20 minutes on the treadmill, meeting Aunt Julie for coffee, spending 2 fabulous hours at the museum, and finally meeting up with Grandma and Grandpa for lunch.

Ladies, I hope you had as much fun as I did watching our little monkeys climb, crawl, explore and play their way through the day.  And considering the excitement and the late lunch, things were incident free!  I’ve played with a few of the pictures I snapped and have included them below for your viewing pleasure!  Enjoy!

Museum 4

Lovin’ the dimples!

Museum 2

I think he would have swum in the bubbles if I’d have let him!

Museum 5

Little Mama!

Museum 7

One of the several toys that ended up in the “to be cleaned” bucket during our visit!

Museum 10

Museum 13

Museum 12

Once he found the fish he was all set!

Museum 6

Museum 3

Museum 8

“Look at the splash I can make!”

Museum 9

Museum 1

Fun feature to keep kids busy in the lobby…that is if my kid didn’t try to steal two of the marbles!

Museum 11

I absolutely L-O-V-E this shot!  When he makes me so crazy, I want to remember the sweet look on his adorable face at this moment!  It takes my breath away!

While Seneca was there, she and Great Aunt Julie got lots of time to snuggle.  I really wanted this to be a day for Calder – to let him run around, be loud, climb in, on and through everything he wanted…and have my full attention.  It was so very well worth every second!


On a completely unrelated note…I have a question for any and all of my readers.  When I put lots of shots in a post such as today’s, is it easier/better to have my two cents written above the shot or below it?  Trivial, I know, but I can’t ever decide which way to go.  Your help is appreciated! 🙂