~Snow Day~

Ahem.  {taps microphone}  Um, is this thing on? 

A dear friend reminded me today that it’s been nearly two months since my last post!  Eee Gads!  It’s certainly not for lack of mundane exciting things to report, it’s more the time in which to write anything resembling a coherent thought among the thousand other things that we’re actually doing!  But, today being the beautiful gift in which teachers and students alike find ultimate happiness, I figured it was the perfect opportunity to do some fun Christmas Craftiness and get a post in to boot!

With only 7 school days remaining until we’re officially on holiday, I’m hoping to sneak in a few more posts for good measure too!  While some of you may be disappointed that these photos are not of my two growing kiddos, you can imagine for yourselves the squeals of delight and umpteen-thousand reminders that “No, it’s not time for reindeer treats yet!” both Garth and I uttered between 8am and noon.


In other holiday endeavors, I spent close to an hour this morning listening to yet another YA audio book (it’s the only way to stay on top of what my students are reading or should be reading!) while stringing cranberries to decorate the adorable little pine in the corner of our lot.  A strand or two or popcorn and we’d have all sorts of birdies coming by to snack – the kids would just love it!

Speaking of the kids, they finally woke up, so we headed upstairs to get them.  A few tickle matches and a change of clothes later, we were back in the kitchen admiring the reindeer treats when I asked, “Babe, did you move the –” and I pointed to the table where our beautiful strung cranberries had been.  Instantly we both realized that our “beloved” pup had eaten the e-n-t-i-r-e strand!  So, until we get more supplies, here’s all I can share of my cranberry craftiness today!


Sounds like both kids are actually sleeping today, so I think I’ll indulge in a little snow day rest myself!

Ready, set…sleep!

As promised, I hopped rolled out of bed this morning to get the final items packed so we could begin our journey northward to visit with hubby’s family.  To be honest, I was mildly disappointed by our 6:11am departure time…I really wanted to be out the door right on time.

Calder was a magnificent traveler, yet again, and my sweetheart was one heck of a chauffeur!  Our stop about an hour in was necessary on many levels – stock up on the much needed baby food and give G. a chance to wake up seeing as how the three of us in the car (mom, baby and dog) were all snoozin’ very soundly!

We’ve had a lovely day of laughter, treats (someone please move the cookie tray away from me!), family and fun!  Did I mention we had a few treats too?  Seriously…I brought several to add to the mix and there were plenty already here!

After our marathon nap on the drive, I highly doubted a great afternoon nap for Little Man.  Yet I was pleasantly surprised.  Following the lunch bustle, he settled in nicely for a good 2 hours.  I assumed my position on the couch with the good book from my stocking and made it a whopping 3 pages before I too gave in to sleep!

I even missed good-byes with Gretchen who will be living in the DR again until July!  Hopefully she’ll forgive me!!  It must have been needed because I’m feeling pretty great tonight!  Maybe that’s the answer to coping with the stress of teaching…a daily nap!  I’ll let you know if I figure out how to work that in!