Nothin’ but blue skies

I know I’ve been a little MIA lately, so I wanted to send a quick hello from The Lone Star State!  That’s right, Little Miss Seneca and I have been here in lovely San Antonio since late Wednesday evening.  We left a frigid 30-degree dreary Michigan day (where ironically we had to board the plane right on the tarmac instead of using a jetway) and landed in an almost balmy 60-degree Texas. 

Seneca was an amazing traveler – she has flashed her stunning smile to countless people so far on our journey.  She’s attended a few writing project sessions and will enjoy some time on the river walk tomorrow evening.

My first presentation today went quite well and we’re looking forward to a great round table discussion tomorrow as well.  I’m hoping to capture a few decent shots of this cool city – including the Calder sculpture we pass on the way to the meeting location.

As for more posts, sadly, they will have to be saved until because it costs ten bucks per day, per COMPUTER (that’s right, not even free room wireless) to have access.  What kind of racket is this becoming?

I’m going to hit the sack for tonight in hopes of getting a few hours of quality sleep before putting in another long, productive and exciting day of conferencing again tomorrow!

Peace, y’all!

BSM – Love the Eyes

I had the pleasure of riding to and from the UP in the backseat with Little Man – I know, I’m a dork, but I don’t yet trust either C. or X. to be alone in the backseat together. In any case, it gave me ample opportunities to take several pictures and learn different features with my new camera. I thought this was just too cute!

12.31.07 054

Click the picture if you want to see it bigger!

Ready, set…sleep!

As promised, I hopped rolled out of bed this morning to get the final items packed so we could begin our journey northward to visit with hubby’s family.  To be honest, I was mildly disappointed by our 6:11am departure time…I really wanted to be out the door right on time.

Calder was a magnificent traveler, yet again, and my sweetheart was one heck of a chauffeur!  Our stop about an hour in was necessary on many levels – stock up on the much needed baby food and give G. a chance to wake up seeing as how the three of us in the car (mom, baby and dog) were all snoozin’ very soundly!

We’ve had a lovely day of laughter, treats (someone please move the cookie tray away from me!), family and fun!  Did I mention we had a few treats too?  Seriously…I brought several to add to the mix and there were plenty already here!

After our marathon nap on the drive, I highly doubted a great afternoon nap for Little Man.  Yet I was pleasantly surprised.  Following the lunch bustle, he settled in nicely for a good 2 hours.  I assumed my position on the couch with the good book from my stocking and made it a whopping 3 pages before I too gave in to sleep!

I even missed good-byes with Gretchen who will be living in the DR again until July!  Hopefully she’ll forgive me!!  It must have been needed because I’m feeling pretty great tonight!  Maybe that’s the answer to coping with the stress of teaching…a daily nap!  I’ll let you know if I figure out how to work that in!