This and That Thursday

Here’s another little gem that was drafted, but never published.  Even four years later, I’m thankful for these words and for taking the time to jot them down!

*          *          *

A few of my bloggy friends have used this theme and I thought it would be a great way to get down some of the little things I want to record before they totally slip away from me!  Perhaps an alternate title to this post is “Kids Say the Darndest Things!”

  • “When I get bigger maybe…” has been used for everything from drinking coffee (or Pepsi) to riding a bus to school.  You name it and he can’t wait to be big enough to do it.  My…he’s growing up so fast already!
  • “It’s my favorite!”  – I seriously need to record him saying this because it sounds more like “fravrite” and it melts my heart every time.  He usually whips this out when we’re talking about some type of food – yogurt for breakfast or dinosaur-shaped cheese and kangaroo-shaped turkey slices for snack.  He has too many favorites to count!
  • “I can!”  or “Don’t!”  – These two aren’t as near and dear to my heart, but I suppose they’re quite essential in the normal development of this little Mr. Independent.
  • “I just got it!” – OK, so I don’t really know if this is what she’s saying, but this is what it sounds like and Miss Seneca says it A LOT!  She is so very expressive and I can only imagine how much more so she will become!  She certainly has a temper too…if she wants to show off her new light-switching skills or get her mitts on whatever snack is close at hand, she will squirm, squeal and squawk within an inch of her life!
  • “Stop!” – This sounds horrible, but it is something I am quite confident Seneca is saying.  In fact, this goes down on the record as being her first official word.  It was the first time I heard her and knew she was communicating with us verbally.  I think it’s actually due to the “Stop in the Name of Love” ditty I sang at the kids on the way home from the football game a few weeks ago.

{Four Years and} Six Months Later

Having resurrected this here blog over our holiday break, I began looking back through some draft posts that never quite made it through to publication.  I found this one, written in February of 2009 and I thought it was just begging to be published.  Ironically, one of the milestones I mention, is about to happen in the fall!

*          *          *

Despite the waning frequency with which I’m sharing the ups and downs around our household, things really are happening!  I can scarcely believe that it’s already been an entire six months since my precious girl arrived!  All too often I focus on the stress, the crammed schedule, the piles of work (house and school) that remain untouched.

But today –  when I heard her waking earlier than usual, my arms ached to hold her.  Sitting there, in the dark of the morning, I smiled thinking back on the excitement that the day had arrived when my water broke – also before dawn.

Holding my sweet, sweet angel and feeling her contentment was an blessed way to begin my day.  I pray for the clarity to see these moments more often, and to cherish them, for if this half-year has passed so quickly, I can only imagine how soon it will seem that she’s starting school and then requesting the keys.

If I could, I would

create a time machine.  It would be a multifunctional piece of engineering goodness.  Not only would it allow me to go back in time (perhaps one of the unwritten rules of blogging, so my apologies if I have committed the utmost blogging crime!), but it would also manufacture time.

Sounds great, huh? 

Yeah, it would collect all those little bits of time that don’t really allow for anything productive to take place, and store them all together into a big batch of time.  It’s sorta like the defragment feature on your computer.

Sadly, or ironically, it would take too much time to create this fancy-schmancy do-job, so I guess I’ll just take the few minutes I have here and give a quick update.  Anyway…I’m still here.  We’ve been having lots of fun and I hope to post some pictures soon.  And I do have to commit the timestamp treachery again because I really want to post my hubby’s birthday wishes on his actual birthday….which was last Thursday! 😦  I’m sure he appreciates the time I’ve spent with him much more than time I’d have spent finishing my writing about him!

On the fitness front, I did weigh in this week, and was very pleased with my 4.2lb loss!  I’ve gotten out running about 3 times this week, which isn’t saying much because I can’t go very far just yet.  But I did register for the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day, so now I’ve got me some motivation.

And just an FYI, not that I anticipate my absence will cause major trauma in the lives of many, but I know that in a few short weeks I will be quite fickle in my posts.  Between preparing for our presentation in San Antonio at the National Writing Project annual meeting, and getting things around for heading back into the classroom, I’m sure my plate will be heaping.  Which means, if I am here…it’s probably because I’m putting off completing something else and would rather share pictures and write about the fun stuff going on in my life! 🙂

I’ll leave you with a little shot of one of our recent outings.  There’s a new indoor playground at one of the local churches.  Calder had a great time and we’re hoping to get back there again before too long!


Since I don’t have much today, head over to Stacy’s to see what others have created this week!

Just wondering…

Yummy Snacks

Does anyone else keep a list of possible blogging topics interspersed with grocery items or household chores?  I know, I should probably keep separate lists, but really that would

  1. make too much sense and
  2. require multiple post-its which could result in the loss of any and/or all of them!

I know I’ve writtenabout the “have to’s” and “want to’s” and at the time I was a little overwhelmed and looking back disappointed.  Now, I’m still overwhelmed, but curious.  There are some days, like yesterday when all I do is sit and savor every small moment of my time off and say “Who cares!” when it comes to laundry and dishes and all those other things that have to be done.  Then, I swing to the complete opposite end of the spectrum and go on power-cleaning kicks and insane reorganization and realize that Calder has just pushed his way between me and the cabinet I was trying to clean for a reason – he needs attention to.  And how about hubby?  How often to we have time alone?

So, I’m trying to think of the rest of my time at home as a dress rehearsal for the big show, which takes the stage in December.  I know that once I’m back to work my Parentingmagazines are unlikely to be read in a timely manner.  The books I’d like to read might take a while, and the thousands of writing ideas (for blogging or otherwise) may get only as far as the jotted note in my journal. 

Yet I’d like to try.  I’d like to do my best to eek (is that really how to spell it?) the most out of each day, each hour, each precious minute.  When I read this article it got me thinking.  While I have a penchant for photography, reading, writing, and blogging (with or without the time to actually post, and even less time to comment on others’ blogs – so sorry!), I don’t always manage my time well enough to do each of these things. 

I’m thinking about when I go back to work and how I’ll have even less (sigh) time to write, read, comment, etc.  I’m trying to get into a routine of writing out my posts for the week and publishing them via time stamp.  Does anyone else do something similar?  What are the habits and practices that have worked for you?  Which ones didn’t?  I know many of you have children, full time jobs, and several other involvements – so how do you find the time to do it all? 

On a slightly different note, I find myself stuck in the same “tone” in many of my posts.  I’m still fairly new to this process and I wonder if this will change with time and experience.  Can the writing I do here stretch me as a writer too?  How do the roles of audience and purpose factor into the equation?  I’d love to hear from someone…anyone!