Gratitude ~ Day 24

I spent the morning, with lovely ladies in our church nursery.  There’s something fabulous about snuggling sweet babies and playing peek-a-boo, especially when it seems like just yesterday that my own kids were that age, instead of studying spelling words and practicing phonics!

Following the morning, we enjoyed a potluck and good conversation with friends before taking a literal Sunday drive through town as a family.  Calder told us about the luminary bag he colored, we waved hello at friends’ houses, and finished up with a trip to Biggby, prior to the afternoon’s big event.

Meeting back at the church, a friend and her son went with the kids and I to see a nearby high school performance of Beauty and the Beast.  I’d always heard great things about this school’s productions, and this was my first experience.  Even from our occasional obstructed view from the balcony, we were so impressed with the talent, the set, the costuming, and the all-around experience of the magic!!  I love that my kids enjoy the theater.

I love the feel of their weight leaning in as they attempt to climb up on their seat or my lap in order to see better, and the feel of their hot breath as they attempt to whisper questions or point out things they notice on the stage.  I’m grateful for friends to share the experience and for the momentary chance to be transported to another time, another place.