Sister’s First Tooth

As I shared a while back, Seneca was quite excited to finally lose a tooth of her very own.  Knowing that she cut her teeth late, and that she is rather young for her grade, I suspected it would be a little later rather than sooner.

But earlier this month, on October 2nd to be exact, our sweet girl finally lost her first tooth!  Lying in bed while Daddy read stories, I worked on it because it was so very ready.  Daddy had to hold the book directly in front him so he didn’t see me working, or else he would shiver with the heebie-jeebies!

Finally, it came out and I think I could feel her tremors of excitement!  Tissue stuffed in her mouth, she ran to the bathroom to take a look.

ToothBoard1SenecaTooth003 SenecaTooth004

Big brother, having lost a total of 6 teeth already, was all over what had to happen next.  He got some paper and an envelope and I think he may have even written out her note for her!  We found her pink tooth pillow upstairs in her old bedroom, which is currently serving as the box room as we prepare to pack for the upcoming move.




As I tucked her in for the night, she couldn’t help playing with the gap, using each word as a reason to drag her tongue over the space and making her sound like the lispy toddler she was just yesterday!

Seeing her excitement and knowing how thrilled she would be to show her new look to everyone at school, I couldn’t help but think of how quickly she’s growing up!  We’re so happy for you, Sis!!  Thanks for letting us share in the joy of your first visit from the Tooth Fairy!

Momma’s Girl

Smiling Girl

The slight
caramel glow
of her
rounded shoulders,
her plump tummy
~ whispers of our
first summer ~
memories floating by
like the
soft cotton tufts
in the humid
June air.

As she takes her perch
upon my side,
instinctively her
chubby arm
wraps tightly
around mine,
anchoring her there.

The comfort I find
in that small habit
overwhelms me
more than I’m prepared for.

I know
how much my heart
longs to see her
each morning
as I quietly
approach her,
sleeping sweetly.
Butterscotch tendrils
curl haphazardly
around her
angel’s face.

A subconscious smile
dances across her
rosebud lips.
A slight dimple
the only
in her creamy complexion,
with traces of a
deep summer sleep.

I lift her to me,
bringing her home
to the crook
in my neck,
where we both
to the deliciously sweet
of one another.

I wonder
if she treasures
these moments
as much as I do.

I feel the squeeze
of her grasp
clinging to me again,
I smile
knowing that
she is
Momma’s Girl.

That hurts…

My students have given me a chuckle or two over the past 5 years, and Lord knows they’ve inspired a few thousand tears as well.  Just when I think I have a general understanding of middle school students they go and surprise me once again.  Whether they’re exclaiming, “That’s so2004, Mrs. C” or identifying the “descriptious” words in their novel, there are some priceless bits offered up on a daily basis.

Today, however, came a personal blow.  I’m convinced that my first year, I may have shriveled up and cried (ok, not really).  A few short years spent with middle schoolers and I’ve learned to let many comments roll right off my back!  I was informed (very politely, I might add) “you have a Nanny McPhee tooth!” 

That’s right, dear student!  I am so happy to see you activating your prior knowledge and making connections to the truly relevant aspects of our class instruction!

Theme Thursday ~ Idleness

Scene: Living Room on Tuesday

Fed, burped, and ready to be popped into her seat, Seneca enjoyed an idle moment snuggled in her Boppy in the crook of the couch. 

Calder, on the other hand had all pistons firing as he “Set, Go’d” his way through putting away his toys (well, two of them anyway).  In any case, I was fairly impressed that he a) understood the request and b) followed through. 

I quickly tossed the remaining toys in the bin so we could be on our way to Calder’s appointment.  I’ll argue here that while I wasn’t physically idle, I felt like I was mentally.  There I was…lost in my random thoughts, and silently pleased with myself for getting so much accomplished and actually leaving on time when I glanced over and saw my sweet boy leaning lovingly on the couch, completely fascinated by his sister.  More specifically, by these.   

Watching the two of them for a brief moment fueled yet another reverie as I collected the bags and such to set by the door.  What will they be like next summer?  I wondered.  How about 5 years from now?  In high school? 

I thought back to when he first met his sister in the hospital.  Perhaps being it was a boy thing or a 17-month-old thing, but he was far more interested in this and this, the little ham! 

Then I heard it.  A piercing scream.  I rushed across the room to find my daughter with slobbery feet and a decent-sized tooth (molar, maybe?) dent in the top of her big toe.  Unsure of what actually happened, and looking rather sheepish and scared, Calder was slowly backing away from the screamer (and me).

Thankfully I had the presence of mind to realize it was a case of curiosity gone awry, so I scooped him up (watery eyes and all) and calmly “explained” that we don’t bite and that he gave sister an owie.  Once he was good to go, I picked up a quieter Seneca and we gave kisses and practiced the new “sorry” sign. 

I think at least two of us learned a valuable lesson!  Now head on over to Stacey’s for more Theme Thursday!

Oh what fun!

I can’t say I’m surprised because I’ve seen his little feet take 2 or 3 steps on a few sporadic occasions.  Yet, to see him really start to make progress toward actual walking, is a pretty cool feeling as a parent!  Yes, I know I was one of those moms who back at 8 months thought for sure he would be walking really soon because he seemed so big, and flying through every milestone.  I’m glad he waited.  It’s kept him my baby a little while longer, and now it’s fun and exciting to think of all the running around he’ll be doing this summer!

Another big blog-worthy topic is the arrival of at least one other bottom tooth!  I don’t think I reported when two more toppers popped through, but even so, it’s been a while, since we’ve had much action in the dental department (aside from the twice daily “brushing” of course).  Yet last night, post-bath in a wide-mouthed belly-spoofing giggle I spied another pearly white on the bottom!  Unless I missed its twin on the other side it takes his total tooth tally to a whopping 7!!  I know it might not sound like much, but believe me, he’s not hurting for putting away the food!

Which brings me to our final “fun” event of the night morning day.  Enjoying our dinner on the deck last night, Garth and I noticed that Calder seemed a little less thrilled by his meal than is usual.  Playing more than eating, we figured it was the change of scenery, sleepiness, etc. that kept him from devouring his dinner.  After slugging down about 6 of his 8 ounces of milk, we put him to bed where he snuggled without a peep….for about 15 minutes.  Thankfully, we have an awesome video monitor, because the unholy mixture of what little dinner he did consume and the contents of this bottle, were splashed all about his crib without a sound!  Had I not inquired about the odd look on the screen, I might have thought he was settled in peacefully.

Round one of puke sheets when well (with G’s help of course!!!) and we settled him in again.  This time he fussed a bit, cried and zonked.  About an hour later, there it was again.  At that point, Garth left for school to make sub plans, and I was on baby/puke duty for about an hour and half.  In that time, I personally went through three shirts, Calder through two sleepers (then I said to heck with it, you’re wearing just a diaper), three blankets and two sets of crib sheets!  What could get better than that you ask?  No. Laundry. Soap.  That gargantuan jug of suds I bought on sale last week turned out to be fabric softener instead of detergent!  Great.  We improvised by using Woolite because there was no way I could leave those unwashed for an entire night!

After a few empty gags, we think he ran out of “fuel” for puking, which afforded each of us a pretty sound night’s sleep.  Knowing we should go easy this morning, we made a 4oz bottle, which he finished in all of about 30 seconds!!  We gave him a bit more, and he happily guzzled that as well.  About 15 minutes later, we were cleaning up his breakfast.  And so, the morning has gone, with my boys at home, and I at school (thanks to only a few sick days remaining and an impossible-to-leave-for-a-sub kind of day). 

As I write, they should be en route to the doc to see if there’s anything we should do that we’re not doing.  The weird part about all of this is that he’s running no fever and is perfectly content!  He’s giggling, playing, laughing and (oh yeah) puking!  Hopefully it won’t last too long, and double hopefully we won’t all end up with it!