Sitting with Santa

I thought I’d try my hand at a cool Tabblo since there were a few great pics to choose from! 

Sitting with Santa

Kids laughing, some screaming.  Parents reprimanding, primping, and some chasing their young.  I felt like part of the Parent Club, standing there with my holiday-clad youngster.  Even though, I could see the looks of “You just wait” aimed in my direction.


After a mere thirty minutes (most of which was spent waiting through Santa’s break), it was our turn.  Wanting to savor the moment, yet keep the pace moving, I walked right over to St. Nick and plopped Calder in his lap.  “You’re OK,” I assured him, then knelt to snap as many pictures as possible.

I could tell he was wary, but dealing with it.  Then, Santa thought it would be a splendid idea to snap a photo of them looking at one another.  That was the deal-breaker!  Calder went from skeptical to scared like that!  I had to capture the moment for posterity of course, then promptly “rescued” my baby and were on our way!  It’s good to know we really are in the club – complete with the crying baby and all!

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