Gratitude ~ Day 26

Their eyes wide with excitement, they ask if we’re really staying here.  I see my husband’s tense shoulders from hours driving through the dark and snow.

“Yes, we’re really staying here.”

Peals of laughter and squeals erupt from their little bodies.  Once in our room, they tear out of their clothes and into swimsuits in record time.

Tonight – I’m thankful for well-planned surprises and whispers of “Thanks, Mommy – this was the bestest surprise.”


Saturday Surprise

So I’m really kicking myself for not writing something yesterday because it was LEAP DAY!  I suppose that my ridiculously early bedtime is partly to blame, but still.  And I’m also trying to figure out how to “start” giving birthday wishes via my blog when I’ve already missed a few this year.  I think I’ll make March my official start date!  I’ll also give the disclaimer that this is not meant to be a comprehensive birthday blog and should I forget unwittingly miss any one of my friends and/or family members, you can be sure there was a very good explanation as to why!

While this isn’t exactly a “birthday” wish, I still think it can be loosely linked to the same category.  G. and I are thrilled to announce that we’ll be adding another little one to our family in August!  That’s right, Calder’s going to be a big brother!  We recently shared the news with our family and captured a shot of their genuine surprise!

2.17.08 033

Now that the word is out (we still need to tell our students this week and friends at church) you can be expecting posts of pregnancy progress! 

Have a great weekend!