Enlightenment ~ Best Shot Monday

I remember thinking once that because I was in on the planning and the behind-the-scenes work of the women’s retreat, that it might not be as “real” an experience for me.  I’ve already interacted with the journal, put labels on the candy bars, and gone back and forth to design the t-shirt.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

The power of honesty and really connecting with other women who are also seeking God’s will for their lives, was amazingly transformative.  Whether we shared in a large or small group setting, or spent quiet moments reading and reflecting, we all left changed in one way or another.

There were so many breathtaking moments that couldn’t be captured by the camera, so these few shots at sunrise on Saturday morning, will have to suffice.  I honestly can’t pick a favorite as my best shot, so let me know which one you prefer.


Sunrise 3

Sunrise 2

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Theme Thursday ~ Sunshine

After a stretch of dreary days, I was thrilled to see this when we arrived home from our trip to the grocery store. 

Sunshine 1

Sunshine 2

Sunshine 3

I’m still working on capturing the great sun flare, and playing with the processing to really make ’em pop.  It’s fun to watch them transform!   

Despite the stark contrast to last weekend, we’re gearing up for a nice Saturday of yard work and house cleaning.  Sadly, good productive days like this tickle me nearly as much as the super fun ones too!

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Best Shot Monday ~ Simple Sun

Our evening walks through our tiny town provide the perfect amount of time for talking, thinking, playing, and relaxing before returning for books and bedtime.  As we rounded the corner headed for home, the sun was playfully peeking through the trees surrounding “The Mansion.”

Peeking Through the Trees

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