Go Hawks!

Upon my return from a morning spent shopping with the other crazy folks the Friday after Thanksgiving, I was shocked to find this.

Bloody Nose 

Apparently, he “picked” his nose.  See, he likes to use brushes, combs when I’m getting ready.  Well, I guess he found my pick while I was out shopping and when Garth when to lay Seneca down for a nap, Calder shoved the pick up his nose.  Ouch, I know!  He’s just fine now, but that sure made him look really tough.  Thankfully, we cleaned him up and headed to Ford Field with most of the town to watch our LHS Blackhawks fight for a state title victory. 

It was an amazing experience to see so many friends and families rally around this young team as they made history for our small town.  Since the game, Calder has been ecstatic about football (actually football, basketball, soccer, you name it…).  I would have liked to get a few more pictures, but between holding a sleeping Seneca and wrangling a crazy toddler, my hands were fairly full.


I just love this shot of him so fascinated by the action on the field!  By this point in the evening, we was glad for the opportunity to run around, and when something big happened he would clap and scream wildly!  A Blackhawk fan for sure! 🙂

Into the game