Gratitude ~ Day 25

I stood at the counter completing my transaction, both kids standing nearby enjoying the remnants of their lunch as an after-school snack and sneaking peeks at the stickers there were given by the clerk.

Glancing around, I noticed that “flash-blind” feeling was still there – like I’d just had my picture taken and couldn’t quite see clearly yet.  I remember thinking it odd having not recalled looking up into the bright winter sky.

It wasn’t until the teller handed me my receipt and we headed through the doors, that the shimmer and blur became clearer and I knew what it was.  An aura.  I’ve only had this happen one other time, in the middle of an 8-mile run when I was training for the Detroit Half-Marathon (2010 maybe?).  I drove cautiously and we made it home without incident.

The kids were awesome helpers – taking out the dog, picking out clothes to pack, and other odd jobs.  I made dinner (nothing like strappin’ on a headlamp to see the grill in the 20-degree darkness to help the onset of a migraine!), and the steak, potatoes and veggies were delicious!  Seneca needed only a few snuggles before drifting off while Calder stayed up a little later given that he didn’t have school the next day!

Garth arrived home from his basketball game, and after getting the report from how things went, I climbed into my PJs and snuggled on the couch.  I was out like a light by about 8:30!  Thankfully, things never got really bad, but it’s been a long time since I’ve had something like that happen, and for that I’m thankful.

I’m also thankful for timestamp – which lets me post this on the right day, just to keep things simpler in my little blogging life! 🙂



They’re sleeping!  Both. of. them.  It’s been quiet in my house for nearly T-W-O hours!  And have I bothered to collect the foam numbers and rubber duckies strewn about the bathroom?  Or the random shoes Calder gathered into an interesting pile on the living room floor?  How about taking a quick minute to put dishes away or take the toilet paper dispenser off the bathroom counter (don’t ask!)? 

Nope!  I’ve spent the time reading, writing, making phone calls and otherwise enjoying a little bit of non-mommy-ness.  I’m sure I’ll soon start flitting about trying to make this place a little less atrocious for my dear hubby, and right about then, my angels will wake. 

But it’s Friday, so I’m fully steeped in the week’s insanity and I’m completely comfortable.  And what’s more, I just learned of a nifty contest sponsored by 5 minutes for mom.  Someday, he won’t fall asleep in his highchair.  Someday, she will sleep in something other than her swing.  And when that day comes, wouldn’t I love to be ready with this?

Please forgive me since I just posted this already this week, but I think she’s worth looking at again, don’t you?  Here’s my sweet submission of a sleeping face I can’t help but love!

Napping on a Boppy 

This contest is open through October 13th, so if you feel like playing and have a cute shot of your darling dreamers….join in the fun!

I have proof

I really can’t complain about sleep patterns around here.  For the most part things have gone remarkably well.  Seneca is actually a very good sleeper.  Sometimes she forgets that sleep happens at night time, but when I think back to how Calder slept at this age, let’s just say I’m happy with her habits (we’re talking 4-6 hour stretches, folks!)! 

Honestly, it’s most the big boy who is throwing me off kilter these days.  Perhaps it took him a while to fully realize that this new little being was here to stay or the monstrous teeth that are pushing their way through his tender little gums.  Or maybe it’s the incessant snot that’s making him persnickety. 

Whatever the case may be, I can’t seem to get a handle on his unpredictability.  And Garth is equally perplexed.  One night we’ll do bedtime and he’ll go down like a champ without making so much as a peep.  Other nights, he’s screeching off and on for 30+ minutes!  We’re second-guessing ourselves so much now, or trying to help him get back to the beautiful bedtimes we’d enjoyed for nearly 10 months now that we’re starting to muddle the routine.

I guess this is the first of many experiences that humbles me and softens my attitude towards my own parents.  As the oldest, I guess now I should cut my folks a little slack because clearly I can see that much of parenting is trial and error.  And believe me, I’m not above learning from others’ trials or errors.  So if there’s any advice to be had, please (PLEASE!) comment away!

Until then, I’ll meditate on these images, trusting that they both know how to sleep…we’ll just keep working to get it at the right time! 🙂 

Sweet Sleep

Sleepy Girl

Sleepy Eater

Sweet Dreams

Home Sweet Home

It’s funny because we just finished a series called Home for the Holidays at church, and last week our pastor talked about how there are so many instances when we desperately long for the comfort and familiarity of home.  The message went on to explain that even though our earthly homes may not be perfect, we have a heavenly Father waiting to welcome us with open arms into His heavenly home…

I’m always amazed by God’s timing and how He allows me to hear exactly what I need, at precisely the moment I need to hear it.  We just settled in tonight around 7:30 after spending four days celebrating the holidays with Garth’s family.  It was fantastic to feel the energy of a big family Christmas, see C. getting lots of good Gma and Gpa time, sit back and relax and share food and fun with each other.

Yet, each night I was reminded that sleepless nights weren’t quite a thing of the past.  I grew evermore fearful of what sort of crying, fussing, out-right refusals to sleep we would encounter.  I’m sure it has something to do with the top tooth which made it’s debut on Wednesday morning, among the other variables that differed from his normal routine.  Thanks to the help of my fabulous hubby, we survived with only a few tears shed and one dose of children’s Tylenol (the last night of course!)

Even though the bedtime wasn’t back to “normal” yet tonight, there’s something refreshing about returning home after time away.  As I think about these last hours of 2007, make my resolution list for 2008, the idea of “home” will certainly be in my thoughts.