Theme Thursday ~ Idleness

Scene: Living Room on Tuesday

Fed, burped, and ready to be popped into her seat, Seneca enjoyed an idle moment snuggled in her Boppy in the crook of the couch. 

Calder, on the other hand had all pistons firing as he “Set, Go’d” his way through putting away his toys (well, two of them anyway).  In any case, I was fairly impressed that he a) understood the request and b) followed through. 

I quickly tossed the remaining toys in the bin so we could be on our way to Calder’s appointment.  I’ll argue here that while I wasn’t physically idle, I felt like I was mentally.  There I was…lost in my random thoughts, and silently pleased with myself for getting so much accomplished and actually leaving on time when I glanced over and saw my sweet boy leaning lovingly on the couch, completely fascinated by his sister.  More specifically, by these.   

Watching the two of them for a brief moment fueled yet another reverie as I collected the bags and such to set by the door.  What will they be like next summer?  I wondered.  How about 5 years from now?  In high school? 

I thought back to when he first met his sister in the hospital.  Perhaps being it was a boy thing or a 17-month-old thing, but he was far more interested in this and this, the little ham! 

Then I heard it.  A piercing scream.  I rushed across the room to find my daughter with slobbery feet and a decent-sized tooth (molar, maybe?) dent in the top of her big toe.  Unsure of what actually happened, and looking rather sheepish and scared, Calder was slowly backing away from the screamer (and me).

Thankfully I had the presence of mind to realize it was a case of curiosity gone awry, so I scooped him up (watery eyes and all) and calmly “explained” that we don’t bite and that he gave sister an owie.  Once he was good to go, I picked up a quieter Seneca and we gave kisses and practiced the new “sorry” sign. 

I think at least two of us learned a valuable lesson!  Now head on over to Stacey’s for more Theme Thursday!