This and That Thursday

Here’s another little gem that was drafted, but never published.  Even four years later, I’m thankful for these words and for taking the time to jot them down!

*          *          *

A few of my bloggy friends have used this theme and I thought it would be a great way to get down some of the little things I want to record before they totally slip away from me!  Perhaps an alternate title to this post is “Kids Say the Darndest Things!”

  • “When I get bigger maybe…” has been used for everything from drinking coffee (or Pepsi) to riding a bus to school.  You name it and he can’t wait to be big enough to do it.  My…he’s growing up so fast already!
  • “It’s my favorite!”  – I seriously need to record him saying this because it sounds more like “fravrite” and it melts my heart every time.  He usually whips this out when we’re talking about some type of food – yogurt for breakfast or dinosaur-shaped cheese and kangaroo-shaped turkey slices for snack.  He has too many favorites to count!
  • “I can!”  or “Don’t!”  – These two aren’t as near and dear to my heart, but I suppose they’re quite essential in the normal development of this little Mr. Independent.
  • “I just got it!” – OK, so I don’t really know if this is what she’s saying, but this is what it sounds like and Miss Seneca says it A LOT!  She is so very expressive and I can only imagine how much more so she will become!  She certainly has a temper too…if she wants to show off her new light-switching skills or get her mitts on whatever snack is close at hand, she will squirm, squeal and squawk within an inch of her life!
  • “Stop!” – This sounds horrible, but it is something I am quite confident Seneca is saying.  In fact, this goes down on the record as being her first official word.  It was the first time I heard her and knew she was communicating with us verbally.  I think it’s actually due to the “Stop in the Name of Love” ditty I sang at the kids on the way home from the football game a few weeks ago.

Quote of the Day ~ January 12th

There’s something about a Saturday with no commitments that makes me smile.  A little grocery shopping, a few crafty projects, staying snug in jammies until whenever we feel like actually getting dressed – it’s absolute perfection.

While I had hoped for a little more leisure to get it started, someone else (a certain little lady) informed me she was ready for breakfast at 6:15!!  I suppose that’s technically sleeping in for me, so I can’t complain.  As we headed downstairs, I smiled in the dark at the feel of her hand squeezing mine tightly.  About half-way down, she said, “OK, Mom, so we’ve got lots of work to do today.”  Of course, she’s right and we did get lots of little crafty stuff done.

After finishing little pesky sewing projects – nothing fancy, we’re talking AWANA patches and rough-looking tooth fairy pillows – we started a little Valentine’s Day project, ate lunch and then headed out for a hike because it was nearly 60 degrees yesterday!  In January.  In Michigan.

Before we left, Sis ran and scribbled a bunch of circles onto a couple papers.  She was intent on bringing them with us.  When we arrived at the trail, she broke them out because they were our maps – of course!

We started strong – running, excited and ready for adventure.  About .5 miles into the 2.5 mile course, we stopped for a quick photo op of the the kiddos and Dad!  (Look closely and you’ll see her map peeking out from behind buddy!).

photo 1

We saw all sorts of cool rocks, tracks, and just had a great time being outside and together.  There was very little complaining about the walk, but G and I had to manufacture a few races here and there in order to keep the pace moving along.  When we neared the end, the map came out again and I told Sis just how proud I was of her for thinking of that and bringing it along.  She responded with our quote of the day –


And since I rarely stop to actually get IN a picture, I decided that today was as good a time as any to actually be on the other side of the camera phone.  As much as the unseasonable warmth was enjoyable yesterday, I’m also love the big fat flakes I see falling just beyond my picture window as I type.

photo 2

Quote of the Day ~ January 9th

On our way home from AWANA tonight, we were chatting about what the kids learned.  Sis was sharing her “God loves you” hearts with everyone in the van, and Buddy chimed in with this little gem.


It was the perfect way to belly laugh our way out of a long day of meetings and appointments, commitments and a few “grumpy bumpys” that tried to take hold.

So thankful for the little slices of humor God allows to squeeze into our days!


You can clearly see that posting has dropped significantly on my ever-expanding to-do list, but today – I heard one I couldn’t allow to go unrecorded.  I think I remember a few others too…


This afternoon between Garth and Calder

C: I want to push the button (to turn on the TV)

G: No, you don’t need to watch TV right now.

C: Come on, Dad!


Relayed to me from our daycare provider

C: Donna look, I fit! (He was standing under a big tree)

D: You do fit, buddy!

C: (Looking up into the perfectly blue sky dotted with puffy clouds) Man, I love it out here!


Post potty attempt he scampered out to sit on his little push toy – his “car” wearing nothing but his shirt, and the big envelope he was using for a hat (think 1950s burger joint, folks!).  Taking his place atop his sweet ride, he looks down and proudly says:

I wearing my penis!

Topping that one is going to be tough….I hope to post a few pictures and weekend adventure recaps very soon!