From the Future ~ BSM

While most people use the timestamp feature to prepare their posts ahead of time, I, on the other hand, am using it to play catch up!

As we enjoyed some beautiful weather last weekend (mid-80s folks in October folks!) we took the kids to the park in an attempt to capture some cute shots.

This little furrowed-brow look is one she flashes A-L-O-T !!

Pretty in Purple

Love the tongue sticking out – it must help him concentrate.

Rock Climbing 1

This slide is slow and bumpy, Mom!

Rock Climbing 2

Or maybe the tongue helps him balance.  Notice the blurry hands – he was bustin’ some serious surfin’ moves here!

Rock Climbing 3

Finally, he’s not “too cool” and shows how proud he is to be “King of the Rock!”

Rock Climbing 4

It was so sunny and this one was so blown out, that I embraced the brightness and processed it differently.  This one has to be my favorite!  One crying, the other oblivious….such is life!


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