Wordless Wednesday ~ Memories in the Making

The last shots of our trip to OKC!

Uncle Luke 1

If I can find it and scan it, this shot reminds me so much of a similar self-portrait we snapped as we began our drive to FL for our honeymoon nearly 6 years ago!  It’s amazing how quickly life changes!


 I love every sweaty curl on his precious head!

Lunch 4

There’s nothing like Daddy’s arms to comfort you when you’re a little unsure!

Daddy's Girl

Calder thought he should give Seneca a “bath.”  I snapped it thinking that no one has “cooler” kids than we do! 

Those of you who know me, have to love yet another of my clever ridiculous puns! 


So I guess this was a little verbose for a Wordless Wednesday!  Oops!

Our First Trip to the Zoo

Not only where we shocked at how well our little ones traveled during our drive to Oklahoma, but also at how absolutely enthralled they were with the animals when we visited the Oklahoma City Zoo.  We have another local zoo trip planned for later this summer and if it’s anything like the first, it’s sure to be amazing!

This hippo was our first animal, and boy did it set the tone!  Calder was either speechless or loudly yelling about each exhibit we saw!





They were feeding the gorillas grapes – a zookeeper was throwing them down from up above us.

It was cool to watch such big creatures delicately find them and pop ’em into their mouths!

Gorillas 1

Gorillas 2

Looking for more treats!

Gorillas 3

Gorillas 4

Think he’s a little focused?  He loved the gorillas!



Takin' a Break



A walk on the wild tired side!

Tired Kids


Thanks for taking us on such a memorable trip, guys! 🙂  We love you!