Gratitude ~ Day 19

Today, I was able to join a group of teacher-friends at a monthly meeting where we are doing the heavy lifting of curriculum alignment and assessment preparation – in the sense of writing items which is a lot harder than I had once thought.

I received word that I was needed at home, and had to leave early.  Thankfully everyone was safe, and all turned out well.  In fact, I ended up with a few free minutes and took my husband’s advice to get outside.  So I did.  I visited a nearby ridge where I’d seen some work being done – well actually, just evidence of work (heave machinery, trailers, etc.) but I hadn’t viewed the finished product yet.

I wandered down and was amazed!  A bridge, a gazebo, a footpath to the water.  It was stunning, with weather to match!  I was so thankful for the opportunity to take in the beauty and I snapped this quick picture with my phone.

Greenview Point


:: Team-up Thursday ~ Beginning ::

There’s always something about this time of year that makes my heart swell.  I love so many things about the various seasons, but the possibility, the promise of an approaching summer with days less-filled is a friend I welcome with open arms. 

tut-New-Beginning Dip

The warmer weather we’ve had recently has the whole family ready for summer.  Calder keeps asking, “Today can we get my pool out of the basement?” and Seneca has rekindled her love affair with the swingset.  I have a feeling we’ll be spending oodles of time outdoors this summer!

When we chose our theme this week ~ a combination of new, beginning, and possibility ~ there were so many ways I thought about interpreting it.  Then I noticed the purple and white blossoms of little crocuses in our garden and smiled.  The fact that Jaimee’s was also nature made me smile too.  I love the crisp detail on the branch and the way the buds seem to be reaching up for warmth and light.  I can’t wait to read Jaimee’s write up about her shot – the coolness might be completely natural thanks to the recent snowstorm!

Thanks Megan and Melody for hosting this challenge!  Be sure to swing by and see what’s blossoming with other teams today!

Our Retreat

Tahoe 3

We planned, we traveled, we arrived with countless ideas.
Quickly, we realized that our project seemed larger than it
seemed at first glance.

Tahoe 5

We reveled in thought-provoking work, in discussion, discovery,
and distance – breaks from the rigor of intense learning.

Tahoe 6

We explored, both the possibilities and the uncertain
landscape that surrounded us both
physically and metaphorically.

Tahoe 1

We gazed in awe. We savored the splendor
of shadow giving way to
glorious light.

Tahoe 7

We marveled at coexistence
~ sun and moon ~
in the same morning sky.

We embraced the challenge
and forged ahead,
encouraged by the
certain satisfaction
that lie beyond.

Tahoe 8

We stopped, wary,
and witnessed the horizon.
Catching a glimpse of
what will ultimately
be our view,
we walked
down the mountain

Beauty ~ Best Shot Monday

The Wrong Side

I’m amazed when I think about the years of my life I spent unaware of the extraordinary beauty that surrounds us in the natural world.  Too many summer days of my youth found me swathed in an interior cocoon, entertained by music, movies, or video games.  Slowly, I’ve come to realize how much I enjoy seeing the realization of potential as fragile petals unfurl and bask in the glorious light. 

Until I can find a way to share the link of the “right side” of this lovely blossom, I’ll keep you in suspense with this as my Best Shot Monday

For the birds…


In honor of my new return, I thought I’d resurrect this li’l post from the draft file.  I started it during a trip to the UP where I shot this picture of a real Mr. Chickadee.  Maybe soon (read: when both kids aren’t sleeping soundly) I’ll take a shot of the Mr. Chickadee that gets a lot of playtime around our house!

I don’t know that I would ever consider myself a “nature” or “outdoorsy” gal.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved camping (we’re talking tent, no camper here!), exploring, hiking, swimming, skiing and other activities.  I didn’t always love animals, bugs, even sometimes sitting in the itchy grass was annoying.

Once I met Garth, his interest in activity was something that drew me in.  Whether he was taking me hiking up Tahquamenon Falls or walking the trails around his old stomping grounds, we were always doing something.  We learned about geocaching and then he got a kayak, so we’ve adopted a pretty active lifestyle.  It’s funny too because I’ve come to crave it.  While our schedule has slowed a bit with two small kids, we still view these activities as ways to enjoy one another and build family memories as well.

One such hobby that we’ve begun to enjoy lately is simply birdwatching.  I recall early days when we were dating and Garth would point out hawks or falcons perched in the treetops as we’re driving down the highway.  Now, we find ourselves searching out birds of all kinds with an ever-inquisitive toddler.  Just yesterday, he helped me fill the hummingbird feeder, and always announces when he arrives he has a clear view of it from his spot at the dinner table.  Here’s hoping I can capture a nice little shot of him someday this summer!