Reading Time

The kids and I were thrilled to have Grandma come visit today, especially since our last two plans to connect were foiled due to the flu.  Thankfully it was Grandma and Grandpa who were battling the bug and not us!  With the weather turning colder, and the heat officially turned on, we spent most of the day snuggling, playing, laughing, and having all sorts of everyday fun.

Grandma arrived just as we were finishing lunch, and in time to put C. down for his afternoon nap.  I remember reading about the collective effort of reading Corduroy on October 2nd, so I had this book set out for today’s selection.



That’s the magic number.  At least it has been for two Tuesdays in a row.  Granted on Wednesday it was 5:27 and Friday, right around 5:43.  Any way you look at it, it means we’ve had yet another snow rain freezing fog we’re-really-not-sure-but-we’ll-take-it day.

And by the looks of the forecast (winter storm warning with 6-9 inches of accumulation possible on top of the 3 hours of wintry mix that’s expected to pelt the area first) we could be in store for yet another day tomorrow.  No, I’m not bragging or anything like that.  In fact, I’m a little shocked and unsure as we’ve never had so many days jam-packed into one little timeframe before.

Luckily, today was both relaxing and productive.  We’re about to send little guy to bed, at which point I hope to finish grading some papers I’ve had for awhile now, which means tomorrow we’ll be able to attack the house and make it spotless.  Ahem, that is, if we have another unexpected day off.  In the event that we do return to work (which wouldn’t be a bad thing) we’ll strive for cleanliness yet another day.

To wrap things up, I couldn’t help but share a couple pics that were melt-my-heart adorable today.

Here’s post-morning-nap hairdo….

2.5.08 008

And the post-afternoon-nap peek-a-boo…
2.5.08 011