Gratitude ~ Day 23

I love:

  • books that beg to be read
  • movies that bring those books to life
    • (even if the book is always better!)
  • afternoon matinées with cousins,
    • (even if they should still be 6 instead of 16!)
  • Saturday mornings spent lounging
  • and toting tubs of holiday decorations from the attic


Still here…

I wish I could say that my lack of a post yesterday was due to the fact that I was in labor (you’d think I was overdue by the sounds of it!).  But alas, I’m still here, and still with child.  It’s a good thing…don’t get me wrong.  I want this little one to be perfectly ready to make his (or her) appearance.  I guess having Calder arrive four weeks early spoiled me a bit!

We’ve been enjoying evening walks, trips to the (air conditioned) library, and just today we took a dip in the neighbor’s pool (after asking of course!).  Here’s hoping to catch a few shots of the most recent phase of cuteness over the weekend.  As for tonight, the boys are hanging out while I head to Mamma Mia with my aunt. 

Tomorrow will most likely involve lots of rest and relaxation, which is a welcome change from the frenetic pace that we seem to have adopted the past couple of weeks.  Here’s to a terrific August weekend!