Gratitude ~ Day 29

There’s nothing like waking up early, while everyone else is still sleeping.  The whole day ahead unaccounted for, and everyone is home together.

Laundry started, blankets folder, coffee brewing, I sit just a moment before I hear the click of the bedroom door.  These mornings, when she wakes before her big brother, and I see her legs peeking further out the bottom of her pajamas pants, I’m reminded that like unaccounted for days, these years will fly by.

They make me want to remember the little moments, like when I sat her down to explain that she wouldn’t have a consequence if the circumstances were different.  And, sighing, she looks at me dejectedly and says, “Yeah, I know.  I just don’t even know what ‘circumstances’ are.”

And how she looks forward to climbing onto my lap so I can clean the “ear whack” out of her ears after bath time.

I’m reminded of the moments when she and Calder play together for hours – powering up and fighting villains.  Then each other.

The rejoining forces to take an imaginary hike through unknown lands.

Today, I’m choosing to savor the memory of the small moments.  Not the whole tree, but a few soft branches, gilded with the glow of white light.

photo (2)


Quote of the Day ~ January 9th

On our way home from AWANA tonight, we were chatting about what the kids learned.  Sis was sharing her “God loves you” hearts with everyone in the van, and Buddy chimed in with this little gem.


It was the perfect way to belly laugh our way out of a long day of meetings and appointments, commitments and a few “grumpy bumpys” that tried to take hold.

So thankful for the little slices of humor God allows to squeeze into our days!

Winks and Wishes

Yesterday after school I knew I needed to get some fresh air for at least a few minutes.  Between the far-too many hours spent at the computer in the wee morning hours, I’ve managed to find a few extra pounds as well.

The brisk winter breeze that greeted us when we carted all our school gear inside was nearly enough for me to rethink my initial plan.  But thanks to some kids I’d promised to push in the jogger and a husband willing to get it around and ready for us, we pressed on.

Sweats, Under Armour shirt, parka, scarves, gloves, kids in snowsuits and ready with the blanket to cover them just in case and we were ready!  It felt good to be out there.  Ever the personal trainers, they begged me to run and I indulged them on a particularly steady downhill stretch!

Shortly after that and nearing the end of our walk, they began to get restless, vying for space which considerably less given how much they’ve grown and thickness of their winter wear.  In order to keep them focused on something else, I gave an off the cuff suggestion.  “Why don’t you catch some wishes?”

A short pause in our pace allowed me to show them how exactly they caught wishes.  “Glance around you, keep an eye out and give a little…wink.”  I said.  We walked on a while as they winked and settled in closer together, space no longer a concern.

We rounded the corner for home.  “OK, now it’s time to send some wishes back out into the air.”

“How do we do that?” Calder asked.

“Like this,” I said.  Crouching alongside the jogger, I whispered into my hand, paused for the briefest moment and then opened my gloved fingers and blew the wish into the air.

The final steps home were spent sending “Giggles” and “Goofiness” among a few other wishes out into the universe, just in case some other mom was out with her kids, making up random games that turn into some of the warmest moments of a cold winter day.

Gotta remember…

…when we have truly terrific days like today!  When there were more small successes than failures.  When “pleases” and “thank yous” were offered almost without need of reminder.  Days that mark rites of passage like being tough when it’s your turn to have blood drawn.  No tears, no nothing, just awesomeness and bravery.  Surviving a trip to a fine china shop with two small children and not. breaking. anything.  Surprising kids with an awesome indoor play place where they can run wild and free.  Watching your daughter’s world turn upside down as you climb through the play structure with her and let her be the one in charge for a while.  Enjoying a delicious and altogether over-the-top lunch at one of our favorite restaurants.  Soothing bruised egos when embarrassing things happen to little ones.  Impromptu trips to Mom and Dad’s where it’s totally OK if we all ended up sacked out on various couches for an afternoon snooze.  Enjoying family sing-alongs on dark drives home, and averting potential crises by making molehills out of potential take-your-medicine mountains.

Yup.  It’s days like this that I need to keep fresh and ready in my mind to realize just how absolutely, positively blessed I truly am.