Falling in Love

This might not be what you’d expect, but I fell in love today at the Denver International Airport.  There I was with too many bags and two good friends walking into a gift shop that contained too much glass for me to be entering.  My eyes were immediately drawn to the canvases in the right corner where color, images and words collided into beauty.  As if I were casting off burdens from years of self-doubt, pity or worry, my tangible bags sat heavily around my feet while my fingers floating over the cellophane-wrapped prints. 

Who is she?  What’s her story?  She’s probably some local, I thought to myself.

I had so many questions and yet I wanted to savor the words and the depth of the work.  I found her book and immediately started reading about the person behind this work.  I smiled in disbelief when I read, “Kristen currently lives in Northern Michigan with her three children, Anya, Mia and Van.”

Who would’ve thought that across the country, in a store I’ve passed dozens of times, I would eventually discover the creativity of an artist living mere hours from me.  I can’t help but think it’s serendipity.

Theme Thursday ~ Unrefined

So I’m not actually sure if this is an accurate interpretation, but I’m going with it!  I’m far from ready to leap into RAW shooting, but I did play with a few settings on my camera this weekend.  I found myself pleasantly surprised by this shot when we arrived home from a first birthday party.  For some reason, it really moves me.  I love the way their hands are in a similar positions and the way her embrace screams safety, security, protection, comfort, and love.

Here’s the shot SOOC:

 July 12 060

Here’s the shot with a little processing:

Sweet Baby Boy

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Momma Love

As I celebrate my first Valentine’s Day as a mom (yes I know that I was already a mother last year, but there’s something different…) I’m blessed with a laughing, giggling, “da-da” saying reminder of the man who stole my heart! 

I consider myself among the luckiest of women, to have found a husband who daily makes me feel like I deserve the best life has to offer.  He is such a faithful partner in both the big and small tasks and I would be completely lost without him. 

And just when I didn’t think I could love anymore…enter my Little Man!  Those butterflies that started with surprise visits, Tuesday night dates, and fabulous kisses are back again, in a slightly new form.  Now, the giddy feeling I get in the pit of my belly, is combined with a feeling of pride, excitement, apprehension and utter amazement at the way he is changing each and every day. 

I’m overcome with joy and filled to the brim with love.  To my beautiful boys…I love you and Happy Valentine’s Day.

Four Years Ago

I promised to love you, to cherish you, to honor and respect you.  I vowed to constantly show you my love and faithfulness regardless of our circumstances.  We’ve had ups and downs, ins and outs and we’re still here…still strong…still loving.

I love knowing that we’re committed to making this work.  And on this day – this day that I dreamed about when you slipped that ring on my finger – as we celebrate with family, kiss our child goodnight and share a furtive smile which communicates those ever important said (and unsaid) messages, I am reminded that a love like ours is rare and precious.

Whatever life throws our way, I know I’ll survive because I’ve got you by my side.  You continue to amaze me with the depth of your love, your resolve and your earnest heart, ever-searching for God’s will.

Happy anniversary!

I love you, Babe!