Theme Thursday ~ Fall

The weather has been simply marvelous lately.  The slight bite to the air warrants a comfy sweatshirt or chunky sweater, but the warmth of the sun affords mid-afternoon walks, crunching through the leaves, or enjoying a few more back-and-forths on the swing.

While I’m well aware that flip-flops aren’t the most practical, supportive, or fashionable shoes, they are a staple I’ve grown to love.  The fact that I can still wear them well into October is happiness indeed.

Flip Flops

This was a test shot I took for my first “official” photoshoot for some friends.  I thought the colors were too pretty to toss into the recycle bin.
Fall Colors

Taken at dusk and perhaps photographically unimpressive, I can’t help but smile when I see those chubby cheeks.  Knowing his upturned eyes are gazing admiringly at his daddy makes my heart flutter!

Calder with Leaves

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