Best Shot Monday ~ Happily Capped

Knowing that we have only 19 days left until summer vacation, it seems like a long look back on this adorable photo from our spring break.  Yet it still makes me smile. 

While he still isn’t technically “walking” he’s certainly getting more and more brave – waving his arms (a.k.a. dancing) while standing up, taking 1-3 steps between furniture and so on.  Yet he has started using more of his signs (“more” and “milk”), he’s blowing kisses, and really waving bye-bye.  Not to mention that in his own little gibberish he also tries repeating words and phrases we say to him.  And his little sideways glance here reminds me of the little trick he picked up yesterday, which is squinting and laughing at anyone, or anything!  What a little ham!

April-May 2008 044