Gratitude ~ Day 14


Today, I’m so thankful for the chance to talk to my kids about what color of hats they would like, and then surprise them with handmade hats at the end of the day!  When I think about those frustrating moments learning to crochet a sloppy chain with my grandmother, or wavy-edged scarves thanks to dropped stitches and inconsistent tension in my grasp – it’s all worthwhile to have a skill that I can fall back on.

Granted, I can’t read a pattern to save my life and I’m indebted to my friend Erica for giving me a tutorial on this pattern just last night.  Are they perfect?  Far from it.  But they’re made.  They’re complete and they’re just right.


Best Shot Monday ~ Priceless

I’ve joked before about how difficult it is to fit a full-time job into an already full-time schedule.  So one would think that by going to a part-time work schedule I would have oodles of “free” time to write, read, reflect, oh and if you bother to stop by here anymore…blog!  In fact, I’m finding that the balance is much easier to strike, but I’m also spending more time choosing to be an active participant in the goings-on. 

While I’ve been taken lots of pictures there haven’t been as many of my two favorite subjects as of late.  However, these two…they just make me laugh and cry at the very same time!  Sometimes I feel as if my heart will actually break because it is constantly being stretched to accommodate the capacity of love I have for my kids. 

Even though her expression is a little silly, I just adore this picture of my lovely little lady – taken a few weeks ago at my cousin’s homecoming football game. 

Flower Hat

And Calder…he’s becoming quite the little man.  Here, he was playing with his coffee stirrer straw and spinning around to get “busy” – I think he was trying to see himself.  I’m quite certain that he’s laying a great foundation for his dad to trick him into trying to see his ear in a few years!


Be sure to spin over to Tracey’s for more Best Shots today!

Slippery Slope ~ Best Shot Monday

As much fun as we had cavorting with friends and family over this past week, there’s something to be said for coming home.  We’ve managed to put away most of our clothes and have de-decorated all but the snow stuff which we figured can keep the house festive through the long months of winter, though by the looks of things around here, we’re in a much different place weather-wise than we were a week ago!  Yup, when we pulled in last night we could see mulch in our gardens!  Gotta love Michigan!

I knew it would happen – the blogging lull that was bound to occur once I returned to work.  Believe me, it’s not for lack of great content!  There’s been so much happening around here!  Seneca continues to belly laugh and just loves it when people give her their undivided attention.  She’s consistently rolling from belly to back and isn’t screaming through tummy time anymore.  Her tracking is right on and she’s gaining more control over her hands now too!  Calder, well, he’s just a big bundle of change these days.  I swear within the past week he’s learned 40-50 new words, many of them names.  His comprehension of two- and sometimes three-step requests is amazing, as is his imagination.  What’s his favorite gift, you ask?  That would be the plates, cups, and measuring set from Tia Gretchen!  He’s all about serving pancakes and coffee!  Then again, he’s done his fair share of bootie shakin’ with his new microphone too. 

I have way too many pictures to share this week, so not all of them will be “featured” in a specific post.  This little series is one of my favorites.  Our family in da north know how to make a sleddin’ hill!  Three launches and a tow rope make it great afternoon activity!  Here’s our run down the big launch!  The best part is that the day was so mild that I didn’t worry about having him out in the weather!


Mom and C Sledding 2


Mom and C Sledding 3


Mom and C Sledding

The last one is my very best shot this Monday! How fun! For other best shots, swing by Tracey’s.

Best Shot Monday ~ Cider Mill Fun

We couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather for our trip to Uncle John’s Cider Mill on Saturday.  It was great fall fun and it gave us a chance to hang out with our friends for a while too!

Driving a tractor…

October 6 003b

Cute tush crawling around!

October 6 024 copy

Cool fire truck…

October 6 013 copy

Future fire fighter?

October 6 010 copy

I love their goofy faces here!

October 6 019 copy

A sandbox…yippee!

October 6 005 copy


October 6 031 copy

“I hold onto Calder…”

October 6 002

Watching the horsies down by the orchard.

October 6 032 copy

October 6 033 copy

“Mmmm….donuts are good!”

October 6 038 copy

Seneca sorta woke up, but didn’t seem too enthused about cider!

October 6 046 copy

Fun family shot (notice Calder can’t stop waving his arms for a second!)

October 6 059 copy

Finally, my Best Shot.  I don’t think there’s anything about this image I could love more!  He seems like such a big boy here! 

October 6 009 copy

Even though I’m late this week, I still wanted to play.  Head here to see other best shots!