~ My Second, First Haircut ~

My little lady is growing up.  I think this month, when she turned 17 months old, it hit me more than I expected.  To see her toddling around, so big and yet still so very much a baby I couldn’t believe I’d brought her home from the hosptial when Calder was that same age!   Here she is walking, talking and trying her darndest to keep up with her big brother.  While it’s a reminder that time is passing far more quickly than I may realize on a daily basis, I’m also very happy not to be back at the newborn stage right now. We are truly beginning to see the personalities of our kiddos and share in the excitement and joy they find in the most mundane things. 

Haircut 1

As Seneca and I enjoyed some girl time at the salon for her very first haircut, I realized that this time around, I didn’t really know what to do.  With Calder it was easy to just cut it clean and voila, he became a big boy.  So, I relied on the expertise of my super-talented stylist to work her magic.   

She sat perfectly still, her little arms outstretched so she could reach the armrests of the chair.  She looks slightly terrified, but I’m sure that she’ll be all-girl when it comes to gettin’ dolled up!

Haircut 2

Haircut 3

The squinty eyes are too much here!  Between her chubby cheeks and full pouty-lips, she looks like she’s on the verge of tears!

Haircut 4

And then…a sucker makes the whole experience that much sweeter!  Seriously, I could just gobble up those chunky little fingers!

Haircut 5

I realized, only here at my computer, that I never got a complete finished shot!  Seeing as how I had to wrestle my lipgloss from her surprisingly strong grasp, I’m fairly certain she won’t mind a little primping sometime soon for a special photoshoot!  Plus, her run-in with Impetigo (just the first of our brush with illness in the past 3 weeks) has cleared up nicely, leaving her cheeks kissably soft once again.