It’s happening…

Slowly, but surely and with a few well-timed trips to the library, a few well-chosen independent reading books, and several read-alouds that we’ve plowed through some in just a couple of days.  He’s being bitten by the reading bug.  

Tonight, we stopped by the library and his first question was if we could have just a “hang out” kind of time at the library.  The past few trips were quick in-and-out just to get something specific.  Hanging our coats, and settling in to peruse the new releases before making our way to the puppet show and plastic grill, I felt thankful for the chance to settle in and have such an afternoon.  I watched as they performed a sweet show for me, and ate all manner of plastic hot dogs, felt pizza, and burgers that were balanced, dropped, returned, and balanced again on small spatulas, all the while adoring the chef’s hat and apron my son proudly wore.  

We left with a good 7 or 8 books (and a printed list of all we have checked out!), and both kids read the entire way home.  Upon arriving home, Seneca and I headed inside so she could read to Daddy, while Calder hung back in the van for a few minutes – still buckled, side door open, winter-booted leg crossed one over the other.  He came in to say he’d finished a second book!!

He glanced through the stack I’d placed on the kitchen cabinet and found Book One of the 39 Clues series.  Intrigued, he looked it over and headed upstairs to the hall shelf, where we had the exact same book already!  I knew we had something, but I didn’t realize it was the same one!  Thankfully, it added to his intrigue!

After dinner, Garth started the book with him, while Seneca and I added a few more rows to the cross stitch project we started recently.  We read devotions together and headed to respective bedrooms.  “Can we read just one more chapter, please Mom?” Calder begged.  

“How about…5 pages?” I countered.

“Sure, sounds good!”

Pages read, I climb off the dinosaur bedspread and scoop up the limp body of a sleeping puppy – the perfect reading companion!  Heading upstairs, I left him to read a few more pages on his own while I went up to snuggle with Sis.  

Twenty-minutes, and nearing the end of another chapter, I peek in and see him beaming, and exhausted, and unable, to put the book down.  “Mom, do we have another lamp?” A few minutes later, his old reading lamp is returned to it’s spot on the shelf above his bed, shining down on his toothless grin where he sleepily giggles, “This is so fun!  It’s like I’m in my own little bubble.”  

I kiss his head, and head out giving him 5 more minutes.


As he snaps off his light, I share with him my love of waking up in the morning, finding my book and reading in the morning light.  Leaving his room, I can barely keep my breath calm, as I think of all the adventures that await my sweet reader.