:: Craft Tuesday ~ Party Time 2::

After spending a wonderfully productive weekend with fellow NWP colleagues in Kansas City, I arrived home very late Sunday night, reconnected with my women’s Bible study group on Monday night, snuck in Seneca’s well-visit Tuesday afternoon before baking cookies for the Empty Bowls fundraising dinner I helped coordinate at our middle school.  The much-needed breather on Wednesday evening, was followed by all-day training meetings on Thursday, travel shots for our upcoming missions trip to Panama, pre-school open house for Calder and worship band practice. 

Amidst all this chaos, I was thrilled to have Friday afternoon completely free.  A leisurely lunch followed by naps meant “Let the Baking Begin!”  Cookies baked and bagged, the favors were pretty near done.  I forgot to snap a picture of the cute little dinosaur song and story (Five Enormous Dinosaurs) that we printed on bright cardstock. 




I’d never used a shaped baking pan, so I admit I was a bit nervous that it wouldn’t work exactly as I imagined.  My neighbors were probably wondering what the squealing was all about when I saw that I didn’t have major holes or chunks missing!!  This was a yummy Peanut Butter Marble cake – a favorite Betty Crocker recipe.


Despite the hours it took to actually complete frosting this terrible T-Rex, it was totally worth it to see Calder beaming.  That, and hearing “Is it cake time yet, Mom?” about eighty-billion times between Friday afternoon and Saturday morning!  While I didn’t get a great shot of the cake itself, you get the idea of how it turned out below. 


{Love that sweet little dino face!  Too bad I didn’t think to move that stupid silly lighter!  Ugh!}


He kept going back and forth between “I want the eye, Mom.  No, the teeth!  I think I want to eat the tail!”  All told, he ended with a sweet tooth (literally).  Guess he’s a boy after his Momma’s heart! 🙂  I think I’m sold on the shaped pans, which means we’ll be needing some crafty help to figure out how to use these for future celebrations! 

I’m just barely sneaking this little bit-o-craftiness in today, but be sure to stop by Carrie’s to see the other fabulousness she and other lovely ladies have going on!

:: Crafty Tuesday ~ Party Time! ::

While I’m not sure this constitutes actual craftiness, it’s the best I’ve got!  We’ve known for a while that there would be a definite dinosaur theme, so when I found this adorable little digital scrapbooking set, I thought I’d give it a whirl making his invites.  They turned out so much better than I could have hoped.  We simply printed them on white cardstock and sent them as postcards!

Party Invite Web

Party Invite Back

Post-birthday party I’m sure we’ll have lots more pictures of the festivities and some of the other little crafty fun we’re planning for the cake and goodie bags.  He’s already so excited and I can’t believe it’s coming up in just a couple of weeks!  Yowsa, Mom better get busy!

This is the first time I’ve really ever done anything with digi-scrap stuff.  I suspected I would like it, but playing with this I think I’m hooked.  I’m not quite sure about how to use some of the embellishments, especially the cute cords and ropes, or getting things to have that sewn effect.  Any digi-scrappers out there with tips or hints.  Not that I need any more blogs to add to my reader, but if there are places with good tutorials, I’d love to learn a bit more!

Be sure to swing by Carrie’s for some creative inspiration!

Crafty Tuesday ~ Birthday Time!

I actually have something to share today!  With the festivities of Miss Seneca’s first birthday party this weekend, I was baking up a storm.  I’ve come to find that I really enjoy decorating cakes, and with practice I’m hoping I can continue to improve.

Birthday Cake

Here’s her delicious chocolate and yellow layer cake, with yummy buttercream frosting.  I’m so thankful I started the baking Thursday night and finished the frosting on Friday because the torrential downpour all night and Saturday morning, meant the house needed a quick once-over before decorations were hung and the Butterfly Garden Party was moved inside!

Calder helped me make little tissue paper butterflies, and this one, is my favorite as it hung on the chain of our ceiling fan and did lots of little swoops and swirls throughout the day.  In fact, it’s still hanging there….


Here’s Seneca’s little birthday crown…I was amazed at how much she LOVED it!  When I was making it, I tried it on her, and she instantly sat so still and smirked!  She would’ve kept it on for a while I think, but I kept hitting it as we opened gifts!  Of course, Calder felt left out, so we crafted a foil-covered prince crown for him!


Here’s a picture of Seneca’s little birthday cake.  The oringal plan for the big cake was to cover it with pre-made fondant (I’ve been watching a bit too much Food Network Cake Challenge) but, I quickly discovered it was much harder than I thought.  So, I opted to make her cake fondant-covered only.  

Little Cake

I’m not sure if there’s craftiness happening today, but be sure to check it out another time because there’s always good stuff to be found!

A “sweet” idea

Lately I’ve had tons of luck with my selection of waiting room magazines.  Recently, I picked up a copy of Wondertime and I found myself reading the various articles with great interest.  Perhaps because this second pregnancy is so close to my previous one, I haven’t consumed nearly the same amount of literature about the ins and outs of gestation.  That’s not to say that my actual appetite hasn’t been as voracious as ever!

In any case, one of the activities that caught my eye was the Still Life with Kool-Aid.  I immediatly contacted all the early elementary teachers I could think of to clue them in on this cool little idea.  I’m excited to uncover more creative activities that I can do with my kids in the future. 

I’ve taken full advantage of my summer free time by exploring more blogs.  The inspiration from many of the ladies is amazing!  In keeping with creative activity ideas, Mia’s Mama has turned me onto another site that’s piqued my interest – Unplug Your Kids.  With my newfound excitement about all things blogging and trying to work on my digital photography skills, it’s a great reminder to unplug or “extract” myself from technology for awhile.

If you feel so inclined, check out some of these great project ideas and leave a note if you’ve got any others that you felt were a great fit for your family!