Terrific Two’s

Considering there has been little in the way of updating going on here as of late, today’s birthday post will commemorate the recent goings-on of a certain Birthday Boy!

Birthday 1

“Wan’ wear din-saur!  No pants, No pants!” – Refusal to get dressed in the mornings – usually overcome after being completely distracted by his insatiable appetite for oatmeal {giggle, giggle} – seriously, he laughs in anticipation as I mix it up!

Birthday 2

About three weeks ago we had our first ever hospital stay!  After our daycare provider mentioned his rapid breathing, we took him to urgent care and ended up spending 2 nights at Sparrow to help him through a bout of bronchiolitis.  It was quite a long night – the worst of which was the IV that he received around 2am – after being completely exhausted, scared, and not to mention feeling horrible. 

On the up side of the whole ordeal, I certainly learned that he is a brave young man.  He charmed many a-doctor with some signs and cracked me up by saying “Gesundheit” after an impressive sneeze attack!  I was ever thankful to Kindermusik as listening to the soundtracks on my iPod is how we survived the hours of waiting throughout the evening leading up to our hospital stay.  All in all, he came through like a trooper (even after he caught the flu when he came home!).

Birthday 3

“Oh. My. Goodness.”   That’s just one of the many mimicked phrases flying around our house these days.  I don’t think there’s much he doesn’t say.  His growing vocabulary has been so amazing to witness.  Watching him process, wonder, question and synthesize so much every day has expanded my heart even more – if that were even possible.

Birthday 4

I know this one’s gonna sound weird, and I guess everyone will just have to deal with it.  This one is more for me to remember because it’s truly something I’ve noticed that surprised me.  In the past couple of months, the deliciously adorable baby smell has disappeared.  The snuggles I adored when he was peanut and curled into me because he didn’t have the strength to do otherwise are nothing compared to the true embrace that warms my heart each time I have the privilege of stories and snuggles.  And yet, when I tuck my face into the crook of his neck and breathe him in – I now take in a sour sweetness of boyhood.


“Hey Mama!”  He does this often, just to get my attention, but lately it’s been to show me something he finds particularly amusing.  Such as stuffing his finger up his nose on the way somewhere.  When I glance back, the smirk that crosses his face is enough to crack me up.  But I remain strong.  Looking straight ahead, through a stifled laugh I calmly say “No pick, Calder.” 

Recently, he waddled into the kitchen, turned his back toward me and lifted his shirt to show me his saggy pants and exposed crack.  “Wook,” he said, grinning.  Trade the diaper for boxers and the sweatpants for jeans with a studded belt and that could be my middle schooler someday….Oy!


“Tank you, Mama.”  This any all of his little manners melt my heart every time.  ” ‘Scooz me, Mama.”  “Bwess you, Mama.”  My favorite was his two-week phase where his “Bwess you” was said as though he was sneezing.  He also blesses himself after he coughs.  And most of these are offered without prompting.  Often times the appropriate comment is given, then followed by the same comment for “Dad-dy,” Sen-ca” (he says it as a 2-syllable name right now), “Xanther” and anyone else he can think of before repeating a few for good measure!

Birthday 5

“Hooray!  So fun!  Yea!  and Noooo-uh!”  I think the first of these is owed in part to his puppy toy, but it was cute nevertheless, when everything one evening was followed by “Hooray!”  Whether it was our dinner menu, going upstairs, answering the phone, etc.  Similarly, we often play up the fun factor of mundane things to make them seem more appealing.  You know, “Get your coat on so we can go see our friends!  It will be so fun!”  or “How about we sit in our seat and talk while we clean up dinner dishes, so fun!”  Now he’s using it too.  But I really think he does find some of the things he talks about fun…. 

About 2 months ago, every question we asked was answered with “Huh?”  That too made me flash forward to middle school – eek!  Now, our exchanges are something like this:

C: Hey Mama, saw bird.

A: Did you see a bird?

C: Yea.

A: Was the birdie eating?

C:  Ummmm, Noooo-uh

A: Was the birdie walking?

C: Noooo-uh

A: What was he doing?

C:  Ummmm, fwy-ing ‘way.

Birthday 6

In two years, I’ve learned so much more than I could have imagined.  And each time, I get to my *favorite* stage, I’m surprised by my next *favorite* stage.  Calder, I love you more than you know.  I love your courage, your curiosity, your tenderness, your compassion.  I love your humor, your giggle, the way you run away from me when you have something you know you shouldn’t have (no seriously, you need to give that to Mama, but it is pretty cute the way you check back to see if I’m coming).  I love your “Show me, Mama!” and the way you wrap your hands so tightly around my finger.  I love that we have been blessed to be your parents.

Happy Birthday, Buddy!

Crafty Tuesday ~ “Tooties”

As I mentioned yesterday, Calder is talking like crazy these days!  It’s also fun because he’s still signing as well.  From time to time, the sign (even thoug they are often “his” version of the real sign) help clear up confusion, as has been the case with “tooties” (a.k.a cookies!). 

At our family Christmas gathering last weekend, I made the mistake of offering these sweet treats far too early in the day.  It was a battle to get him to eat anything else the remainder of the day!  He even helped himself to a piece of chocolate fudge as I stood talking with my family.  Only when I glanced down did I see his sheepish, chocolatey grin.  Of course, being the good mother I am, I quickly snatched the sugar-laden sweetness from his smudged hands and downed it myself (note the absence of a weigh-in post today!).

Throughout the holiday break, the infatuation with sweets waned.  Perhaps its because they were around in such abundance he didn’t feel he needed to eat them every waking moment.  So when Aunt Gretchen asked him to help bake cookies with her, I was a touch nervous that he wouldn’t consume anything of nutritional value for the rest of the week.  Happily, I was wrong!  In fact, he worked remarkably well with the pre-cut frozen dough (don’t worry, Gretch, I’ll be using that secret family recipe from now on!). 

Here are his masterpieces in progress!  I especially love the last one…not sure if it’s a sign of concentration of desire to perform quality control!

Cookies 4

Cookies 1

Cookies 2

Cookies 3