Is it possible?

I know that every parent thinks that her child is the most adorable, so it comes as no surprise that I’m absolutely smitten with the daily changes of my precious baby girl.  I feel like she’s changing so quickly right now that I’m doing all that I can to savor each moment before it slips away. 

Since I would hate to jeopardize her chance at stardom by embedding the image here, I’m hoping that simply sending you to here will let you share in the absolute perfection yourself!  Wouldn’t it be so fun if she made it through this contest?

While it doesn’t impact her selection, I’m sure a few votes for her album wouldn’t hurt!  Here’s hoping I can squeeze in some good photo-time for Little Man’s shot at it as well! 🙂

Lookin’ for a win

If you’ve spent any time with me as of late you know of my addiction to contests. And just like last summer, when I tried my hand at bringing home one of these, I now have a second chance.

5 Minutes for Mom is partnering with to host a contest in which they’re giving away a Wii Fit!  This actually coincides with my already in-progress weight loss goals and having lost nearly 30lbs thus far, this little gadget might provide just the right amount of playful incentive to get the final flab to melt away!

Not that I want everyone to rush over and enter, I mean seriously, this puppy’s got my name on it.  OK, if you want to enter you can, and hopefully (if you win) you live close enough that I can knock on your door and we’ll get fit together!

Have fun and as always…here’s hoping!

Photo Contest

Among their great giveaways, 5 Minutes for Mom is also hosting a photo contest sponsored by Prego.  Now that Calder is getting a little older, I’m finding meal times to be quite adventurous.  More often than not, we end up going right from dinner into the tub.  I especially love his hands-behind-the-head move which does wonders for his hair!

While it was tricky to choose just one of a growing number of favorite food photos, this one still makes me smile. 


Here’s hoping we’re one of the finalists – we’ll find out next week!

Great Giveaways

I’ve been meaning to link up for a while now, but just now carved out the few minutes to do so.  If you’ve never checked out 5 Minutes for Mom, it’s a great site!  They’re in the process of hosting some fabulous holiday giveaways, including a copy of the WALL*E

They even have super fun buttons like this one…

Christmas Giveaway Gifts 240x240

Amidst the card sending, cookie baking, gift buying (and wrapping), take some time to wander over to 5 Minutes for Mom to check things out.


They’re sleeping!  Both. of. them.  It’s been quiet in my house for nearly T-W-O hours!  And have I bothered to collect the foam numbers and rubber duckies strewn about the bathroom?  Or the random shoes Calder gathered into an interesting pile on the living room floor?  How about taking a quick minute to put dishes away or take the toilet paper dispenser off the bathroom counter (don’t ask!)? 

Nope!  I’ve spent the time reading, writing, making phone calls and otherwise enjoying a little bit of non-mommy-ness.  I’m sure I’ll soon start flitting about trying to make this place a little less atrocious for my dear hubby, and right about then, my angels will wake. 

But it’s Friday, so I’m fully steeped in the week’s insanity and I’m completely comfortable.  And what’s more, I just learned of a nifty contest sponsored by 5 minutes for mom.  Someday, he won’t fall asleep in his highchair.  Someday, she will sleep in something other than her swing.  And when that day comes, wouldn’t I love to be ready with this?

Please forgive me since I just posted this already this week, but I think she’s worth looking at again, don’t you?  Here’s my sweet submission of a sleeping face I can’t help but love!

Napping on a Boppy 

This contest is open through October 13th, so if you feel like playing and have a cute shot of your darling dreamers….join in the fun!