A “sweet” idea

Lately I’ve had tons of luck with my selection of waiting room magazines.  Recently, I picked up a copy of Wondertime and I found myself reading the various articles with great interest.  Perhaps because this second pregnancy is so close to my previous one, I haven’t consumed nearly the same amount of literature about the ins and outs of gestation.  That’s not to say that my actual appetite hasn’t been as voracious as ever!

In any case, one of the activities that caught my eye was the Still Life with Kool-Aid.  I immediatly contacted all the early elementary teachers I could think of to clue them in on this cool little idea.  I’m excited to uncover more creative activities that I can do with my kids in the future. 

I’ve taken full advantage of my summer free time by exploring more blogs.  The inspiration from many of the ladies is amazing!  In keeping with creative activity ideas, Mia’s Mama has turned me onto another site that’s piqued my interest – Unplug Your Kids.  With my newfound excitement about all things blogging and trying to work on my digital photography skills, it’s a great reminder to unplug or “extract” myself from technology for awhile.

If you feel so inclined, check out some of these great project ideas and leave a note if you’ve got any others that you felt were a great fit for your family!