Sesame Live

Imagine my surprise when my husband actually suggested that we take Calder to see Sesame Street Live.  Short of dropping the bowl of ice cream I held in my hand and racing to the computer to purchase tickets, I was more than happy to oblige at my earliest convenience.  I would have thought something along those lines would have ranked right up there next to Chuck E. Cheese.  Nonetheless, he mentioned it, and as it turned out the show was coming to a nearby theater within a couple of weeks. 

Aunt Julie was thrilled to spend the day, and what actually became the entire night, watching Seneca while the three of us took our surprise adventure.  Stopping to take a quick picture, we made him say, “Elmo” and “Sesame Street” though he still wasn’t aware of the excitement in store.

SS Live 0

SS Live 1

SS Live 2

Once he caught sight of the balloons, dolls, toys and shirts he made the connection!  He was really intrigued by all the excitment around us as we waited for the show to start. 

SS Live 6

SS Live 3

It was so funny watching him absorb the whole scene.  I don’t think he blinked the entire first half of the show.  Seeing him in that setting and accepting his calm coolness confirmed just how much like his daddy he truly is.  While I was bouncing all over trying to evoke some sort of reaction or excitement from him…he just calmly sat there, smiling and completely enjoying himself. 

SS Live 7

SS Live 4

SS Live 5

It was such a great time, spent with a little focused attention on our Big Boy.  I hope we can continue to do things separately with our babes.  He’s been a little Sesame Dancing fool since our little trip! 🙂  Following the show we ate a great lunch then did some back-to-school shopping with Grandma.  Needing a little grand-baby time, she took him home for the night and we promptly crashed on our respective couches.

Best Shot(s) Monday – Let’s Go See the Animals, Mommy!

Our first zoo tripthis summer has become the beginning of what I’m sure will be several.  I foresee many zoo memberships and at least bi-weekly trips in the coming summers.  Garth and I often joke about the poor individual who screens our little man for kindergarten.  Sure, we know that as his parents we are completely biased and think he’s beyond genius, but still, when marmots and komodo dragons are among the animals he names on a whim…I think the whole entry into formal education will be really interesting! 🙂

During a routine grocery trip, I found a little flyer advertising a very reduced entry fee for the John Ball Zoo, so I made the mental note to make the trip.  The plans were set, we headed out with our packed lunch, even Grandma came along for the day.  When we rounded the corner and saw the insanity that was the line to park, as well as the admission line, I realized the grievous mistake of planning a trip on Kids Day! 

While we could scarcely maneuver through the crowds we did manage to see several exhibits – the penguins were among his favorite seeing that he’d recently been on a Happy Feet kick.  In the past couple of months since our visit one of the preferred post-dinner activities involves running to various corners of the house looking at the “animals.”  I absolutely adore the imagination he has, and the blossoming little personality of Miss Seneca.  I suppose it’s better late than never, so here are a few shots from our day at the zoo…
JB Zoo 6

JB Zoo 5

JB Zoo 4

JB Zoo 3

JB Zoo 1

JB Zoo 2

Perfect Picnic

So, it’s been a couple of weeks and I haven’t written much about our trip…it’s not for lack of desire, believe me.  Here I thought summer would offer some time to rest, relax and recuperate!  I think I have most of the pictures I snapped ready to share, so you can expect to be bored riveted for the next few days as I give an account of our first cross-country (well, sorta) road trip.

Knowing our kiddos are accustomed to at least 4-5 hour trips to the upper peninsula we figured that getting in an 8-hour driving day would be just about right.  That meant we hoped to stop for the night in St. Louis, MO.  We choreographed our departure just perfectly and were on the road by 2:40 am (yes, a.m.) and made it a good 4 hours before the kids woke up!  Even though we’d left on only one dim light as we carried the kids out of the house, there was a minor moment of panic as Calder began announcing “It’s dark, Mom!  Look at the lights!  It’s dark outside.  Where we goin’?”  We sat in silence for several miles and he soon fell back to sleep!

Here’s a couple shots at one of our pit-stops where Seneca enjoyed some lunch while Calder wandered around playing with his slinky!  I wish I remember where it was – all I know is it was H-O-T and H-U-M-I-D!!

Slinky 1

Slinky 2

We finally arrived in St. Louis where we enjoyed a picnic under the arch…because after all is was only 11am!!  That’s right.  There we were at our destination for the night before noon!  

Lunch 1

Lunch 3

Lunch 2

(He dropped his sandwich and was pretty upset that he couldn’t finish it!)

Arch 1

Crazy perspective – but I love that I captured her kissy face!  She did this non-stop all week! 

Road Trip 001

The first of many family pictures on our vacation adventures!

Road Trip 002

 This one is my best shotfor today!  I’m ga-ga for the sunflare!

As we headed back to the car, we heard heavy sighs from our full-bellied babes.  Exchanging a knowing glance, we loaded up and continued on our journey as they settled in for their afternoon naps. 

Sleepy Traveler

Sleepy Traveler 2

While the entire journey was better than we could have ever imagined, those moments of peaceful sleeping were priceless!  We weren’t retrieving thrown toys from the furthest nooks of the backseat, singing “She’ll be Comin’ ‘Round the Mountain” or “Oh Susanna!” for the umpteenth time.  Turning our anticipated 8-hour day into 14 hours (well 13 with the time change) was impressive to say the least. 

I’m quite sure the kids were in need of some space to run around, so we encouraged them to do just that.  Of course, the pool was fun and refreshing, dinner was delicious, but of all the things they enjoyed the most – the air conditioner provided the greatest entertainment for the night!

Wordless Wednesday ~ Memories in the Making

The last shots of our trip to OKC!

Uncle Luke 1

If I can find it and scan it, this shot reminds me so much of a similar self-portrait we snapped as we began our drive to FL for our honeymoon nearly 6 years ago!  It’s amazing how quickly life changes!


 I love every sweaty curl on his precious head!

Lunch 4

There’s nothing like Daddy’s arms to comfort you when you’re a little unsure!

Daddy's Girl

Calder thought he should give Seneca a “bath.”  I snapped it thinking that no one has “cooler” kids than we do! 

Those of you who know me, have to love yet another of my clever ridiculous puns! 


So I guess this was a little verbose for a Wordless Wednesday!  Oops!

Our First Trip to the Zoo

Not only where we shocked at how well our little ones traveled during our drive to Oklahoma, but also at how absolutely enthralled they were with the animals when we visited the Oklahoma City Zoo.  We have another local zoo trip planned for later this summer and if it’s anything like the first, it’s sure to be amazing!

This hippo was our first animal, and boy did it set the tone!  Calder was either speechless or loudly yelling about each exhibit we saw!





They were feeding the gorillas grapes – a zookeeper was throwing them down from up above us.

It was cool to watch such big creatures delicately find them and pop ’em into their mouths!

Gorillas 1

Gorillas 2

Looking for more treats!

Gorillas 3

Gorillas 4

Think he’s a little focused?  He loved the gorillas!



Takin' a Break



A walk on the wild tired side!

Tired Kids


Thanks for taking us on such a memorable trip, guys! 🙂  We love you!