Best Shot Monday ~ Wonder

What a difference a year makes!  From the wary glances shot around the room to the less-than-thrilled attempts at pulling out tissue paper and crinkling the festive wrappings we now have a very intent toddler.  His eagerness and interest are still thoughtful as they have not yet turned into the frenzied tearing and thankless playing that I fear may be lurking somewhere, waiting to emerge at the next birthday or holiday.

From across the room I can only image what words of encouragement Daddy’s whispering to him as he searches for the perfect place to begin the unveiling.  Perhaps he too senses my unspoken desire and is offering sentiments that instill thoughtfulness, gratitude and patience. 

Calder and Dad

Slowly, he pulls back the wrappings and shares the joy with those who found joy in giving.  This was the manner in which he opened most of his gifts.


I’m not sure what he was watching here.  It may have been wrestling cousins or uncles or crisp white snow piling up outside the patio door.  Whatever it was, I adore his expression.  The innocence and excitement, the near disbelief that he gets to have this much fun.  That he is surrounded by so much love, generosity, and happiness. 

When life gets to be too much to handle and the weight of responsibility rests heavily upon my shoulders, I pray that this image of freedom and joy will help me find my center.  And for you, my precious boy, I long for your wonder to grow as you continue to learn about the true meaning of Christmas and one day accept for yourself, the greatest gift ever given! 

Christmas Wonder

This is my best shot today.  To see what is brightening the lives of others this week, head on over to Tracey’s.

Crafty Tuesday ~ “Tooties”

As I mentioned yesterday, Calder is talking like crazy these days!  It’s also fun because he’s still signing as well.  From time to time, the sign (even thoug they are often “his” version of the real sign) help clear up confusion, as has been the case with “tooties” (a.k.a cookies!). 

At our family Christmas gathering last weekend, I made the mistake of offering these sweet treats far too early in the day.  It was a battle to get him to eat anything else the remainder of the day!  He even helped himself to a piece of chocolate fudge as I stood talking with my family.  Only when I glanced down did I see his sheepish, chocolatey grin.  Of course, being the good mother I am, I quickly snatched the sugar-laden sweetness from his smudged hands and downed it myself (note the absence of a weigh-in post today!).

Throughout the holiday break, the infatuation with sweets waned.  Perhaps its because they were around in such abundance he didn’t feel he needed to eat them every waking moment.  So when Aunt Gretchen asked him to help bake cookies with her, I was a touch nervous that he wouldn’t consume anything of nutritional value for the rest of the week.  Happily, I was wrong!  In fact, he worked remarkably well with the pre-cut frozen dough (don’t worry, Gretch, I’ll be using that secret family recipe from now on!). 

Here are his masterpieces in progress!  I especially love the last one…not sure if it’s a sign of concentration of desire to perform quality control!

Cookies 4

Cookies 1

Cookies 2

Cookies 3

Slippery Slope ~ Best Shot Monday

As much fun as we had cavorting with friends and family over this past week, there’s something to be said for coming home.  We’ve managed to put away most of our clothes and have de-decorated all but the snow stuff which we figured can keep the house festive through the long months of winter, though by the looks of things around here, we’re in a much different place weather-wise than we were a week ago!  Yup, when we pulled in last night we could see mulch in our gardens!  Gotta love Michigan!

I knew it would happen – the blogging lull that was bound to occur once I returned to work.  Believe me, it’s not for lack of great content!  There’s been so much happening around here!  Seneca continues to belly laugh and just loves it when people give her their undivided attention.  She’s consistently rolling from belly to back and isn’t screaming through tummy time anymore.  Her tracking is right on and she’s gaining more control over her hands now too!  Calder, well, he’s just a big bundle of change these days.  I swear within the past week he’s learned 40-50 new words, many of them names.  His comprehension of two- and sometimes three-step requests is amazing, as is his imagination.  What’s his favorite gift, you ask?  That would be the plates, cups, and measuring set from Tia Gretchen!  He’s all about serving pancakes and coffee!  Then again, he’s done his fair share of bootie shakin’ with his new microphone too. 

I have way too many pictures to share this week, so not all of them will be “featured” in a specific post.  This little series is one of my favorites.  Our family in da north know how to make a sleddin’ hill!  Three launches and a tow rope make it great afternoon activity!  Here’s our run down the big launch!  The best part is that the day was so mild that I didn’t worry about having him out in the weather!


Mom and C Sledding 2


Mom and C Sledding 3


Mom and C Sledding

The last one is my very best shot this Monday! How fun! For other best shots, swing by Tracey’s.

Wordless Wednesday ~ Sibling Fun

If only I could keep up on all the changes going on around this place.  Here are a few pictures of the latest antics!


He kept saying “pi-o” (pillow) then laying on her tummy!


Here he’s drinking milk AND juice simultaneously!  I’ve decided to stop trying to figure out his crazy requests.  He really did want both.  He rotated between the two until they were both empty!

Why Not

You HAVE to look at the big version of this picture.  It cracks me up every time I see it!  Seneca’s crazy tongue and Calder’s slightly scared expression seem to hint at the crazy days ahead!  It’s like he’s thinking Wait a sec!  You mean she moves now?!

Let the fun begin

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