Reality Check ~ Best Shot Monday

I know this is coming in just under the wire…as I mentioned earlier, once I head back to work I’m bound to have a few sparse tumbleweeds blowing through these parts.  At least then my virtual “home” will resemble my real home in the amount of cobwebs adorning the corners!

In any case, I’ve had these images up in my photostream for a few days at least, and I just had to pull them out as my best shots this week.  This is, in part, because they remind me that just last week we were outside in shorts and t-shirts enjoying an evening on the deck, and today I pulled out hats, mittens and winter coats to bundle up before heading into town.  Thankfully the light dusting of snow that graced the ground quickly melted away – I’m just not quite ready for that yet!

Calder was proudly naming his facial features while I was changing yet another poopy diaper, and when he got to his nose, he did this…

Double Barrel

And Seneca, well, she’s growing like a weed despite the fact that she spits up at least 50% of every feeding! She’s quite the urpy baby, but thankfully she’s what the doctor reported as “a happy spitter.” I just love the glistening bit of spittle on her chubby cheeks here!

Sweet Spitter

These daily doses of reality – the unrefined and silly moments of motherhood – that remind me to slow down and enjoy the ride!

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Halloween Fun

A few weeks ago, I wasn’t sure we would be participating in anything related to Halloween.  But Calder seems to have overcome his fears, and in fact was sharing his milk and Kleenex with Sam earlier today.  The fact that it was in the mid-60s and a Friday night, and we were thrilled that we’d be able to join in some of the festivities at our church’s Trunk-or-Treat program tonight.

It’s hard to believe how much Calder has changed since last year…
Halloween Cutie

Knowing that we had his pumpkin costume, we planned to have Miss Seneca wear that.  After considering a few possibilities, we opted for non-traditional for our Little Man.  By himself, it seems a little weird.  But put him next to his sister and the “pieces” come together. 

Halloween 2

Our little “pumpkin pi(e)” trick-or-treaters!  Yes….we really are that dorky!  But hey, I figure it’s best to get a few of the obligatory “I can’t believe my parents did this to me” moments over and done with!  It doesn’t look like either were too severely damaged by the experience.

Halloween 1

He didn’t particularly love the actual getting of the candy – he would pull back his arm and try to snuggle in.  But once he realized he got to keep it — and EAT it — he was a little more interested!

Halloween 4

Little Snow White here, knows the ropes and seems to be have a grand time!

Halloween 5

Say “Sugar!”

Halloween 3

Who’s that diva?! 🙂

Halloween 7

This shot is one of my favorites!  Even though it was just approaching 8pm (aka bedtime) the excitement of the night, plus the influx of sugar, made Dad’s antics to try for a decent picture that much funnier!  I’m quickly learning how kids are reminders to stop and enjoy the simple things in life!

Here’s wishing each of you a safe and happy Halloween!

From the Future ~ BSM

While most people use the timestamp feature to prepare their posts ahead of time, I, on the other hand, am using it to play catch up!

As we enjoyed some beautiful weather last weekend (mid-80s folks in October folks!) we took the kids to the park in an attempt to capture some cute shots.

This little furrowed-brow look is one she flashes A-L-O-T !!

Pretty in Purple

Love the tongue sticking out – it must help him concentrate.

Rock Climbing 1

This slide is slow and bumpy, Mom!

Rock Climbing 2

Or maybe the tongue helps him balance.  Notice the blurry hands – he was bustin’ some serious surfin’ moves here!

Rock Climbing 3

Finally, he’s not “too cool” and shows how proud he is to be “King of the Rock!”

Rock Climbing 4

It was so sunny and this one was so blown out, that I embraced the brightness and processed it differently.  This one has to be my favorite!  One crying, the other oblivious….such is life!


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Fall Friday

I must say I’ve been completely and pleasantly surprised thus far by my precious daughter’s nighttime sleeping habits.  I was fully prepared to make it until the 8-month mark (the age at which my sweet son decided to sleep through the night) and instead have waited only until 8 weeks!  Granted, I’m sure there will be nights here and there…but wow, a full night of rest does wonders for the soul!

Add that to a great morning, and a day when hubs gets to come directly home after school and the near-70s weather, and it was a fabulous Friday!  We took a walk, made a trip to drop off recycling, came home and got dinner started while we played on the deck and I held a mini photo shoot with Seneca.  She’s finally over her little bout of baby acne, and I believe the cradle cap is under control now too.  Plus, she’s smiling and cooing like crazy.  She seems to be growing too fast!

I snapped a handful of shots, but here’s the one that I think is the keeper out of the bunch!  We’ll keep trying…I have a feeling she won’t be hurting when it comes to finding a few pictures for her “All About Me” poster come school time!

Sitting in a Basket