~ Best Shot Monday – Pretties ~

When I wrote about Seneca’s first haircut, I realized I hadn’t gotten any pictures of the end result.  So, we played salon a bit recently.  She is seriously growing up WAY too fast!  I’m constantly amazed by what she does and says, and I’m realizing now just how preoccupied I was with her as a newborn to soak up all this changing when Calder was this age.  Seriously, she’s stringing together 3-5 word sentences, repeating everything and has a fierceness that I know will serve her well while simultaneously causing us to have all sorts of head-butting going on come the teen years!

Pretties 4

Pretties 3

Pretties 2

Pretties 1

While I love the colors and excitement of all the other, something about this one makes it my best shot today!

Pretties 6

Best Shot Monday ~ Cider Mill Fun

We couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather for our trip to Uncle John’s Cider Mill on Saturday.  It was great fall fun and it gave us a chance to hang out with our friends for a while too!

Driving a tractor…

October 6 003b

Cute tush crawling around!

October 6 024 copy

Cool fire truck…

October 6 013 copy

Future fire fighter?

October 6 010 copy

I love their goofy faces here!

October 6 019 copy

A sandbox…yippee!

October 6 005 copy


October 6 031 copy

“I hold onto Calder…”

October 6 002

Watching the horsies down by the orchard.

October 6 032 copy

October 6 033 copy

“Mmmm….donuts are good!”

October 6 038 copy

Seneca sorta woke up, but didn’t seem too enthused about cider!

October 6 046 copy

Fun family shot (notice Calder can’t stop waving his arms for a second!)

October 6 059 copy

Finally, my Best Shot.  I don’t think there’s anything about this image I could love more!  He seems like such a big boy here! 

October 6 009 copy

Even though I’m late this week, I still wanted to play.  Head here to see other best shots!

Reading Time

The kids and I were thrilled to have Grandma come visit today, especially since our last two plans to connect were foiled due to the flu.  Thankfully it was Grandma and Grandpa who were battling the bug and not us!  With the weather turning colder, and the heat officially turned on, we spent most of the day snuggling, playing, laughing, and having all sorts of everyday fun.

Grandma arrived just as we were finishing lunch, and in time to put C. down for his afternoon nap.  I remember reading about the collective effort of reading Corduroy on October 2nd, so I had this book set out for today’s selection.