~ My Second, First Haircut ~

My little lady is growing up.  I think this month, when she turned 17 months old, it hit me more than I expected.  To see her toddling around, so big and yet still so very much a baby I couldn’t believe I’d brought her home from the hosptial when Calder was that same age!   Here she is walking, talking and trying her darndest to keep up with her big brother.  While it’s a reminder that time is passing far more quickly than I may realize on a daily basis, I’m also very happy not to be back at the newborn stage right now. We are truly beginning to see the personalities of our kiddos and share in the excitement and joy they find in the most mundane things. 

Haircut 1

As Seneca and I enjoyed some girl time at the salon for her very first haircut, I realized that this time around, I didn’t really know what to do.  With Calder it was easy to just cut it clean and voila, he became a big boy.  So, I relied on the expertise of my super-talented stylist to work her magic.   

She sat perfectly still, her little arms outstretched so she could reach the armrests of the chair.  She looks slightly terrified, but I’m sure that she’ll be all-girl when it comes to gettin’ dolled up!

Haircut 2

Haircut 3

The squinty eyes are too much here!  Between her chubby cheeks and full pouty-lips, she looks like she’s on the verge of tears!

Haircut 4

And then…a sucker makes the whole experience that much sweeter!  Seriously, I could just gobble up those chunky little fingers!

Haircut 5

I realized, only here at my computer, that I never got a complete finished shot!  Seeing as how I had to wrestle my lipgloss from her surprisingly strong grasp, I’m fairly certain she won’t mind a little primping sometime soon for a special photoshoot!  Plus, her run-in with Impetigo (just the first of our brush with illness in the past 3 weeks) has cleared up nicely, leaving her cheeks kissably soft once again.

I have proof

I really can’t complain about sleep patterns around here.  For the most part things have gone remarkably well.  Seneca is actually a very good sleeper.  Sometimes she forgets that sleep happens at night time, but when I think back to how Calder slept at this age, let’s just say I’m happy with her habits (we’re talking 4-6 hour stretches, folks!)! 

Honestly, it’s most the big boy who is throwing me off kilter these days.  Perhaps it took him a while to fully realize that this new little being was here to stay or the monstrous teeth that are pushing their way through his tender little gums.  Or maybe it’s the incessant snot that’s making him persnickety. 

Whatever the case may be, I can’t seem to get a handle on his unpredictability.  And Garth is equally perplexed.  One night we’ll do bedtime and he’ll go down like a champ without making so much as a peep.  Other nights, he’s screeching off and on for 30+ minutes!  We’re second-guessing ourselves so much now, or trying to help him get back to the beautiful bedtimes we’d enjoyed for nearly 10 months now that we’re starting to muddle the routine.

I guess this is the first of many experiences that humbles me and softens my attitude towards my own parents.  As the oldest, I guess now I should cut my folks a little slack because clearly I can see that much of parenting is trial and error.  And believe me, I’m not above learning from others’ trials or errors.  So if there’s any advice to be had, please (PLEASE!) comment away!

Until then, I’ll meditate on these images, trusting that they both know how to sleep…we’ll just keep working to get it at the right time! 🙂 

Sweet Sleep

Sleepy Girl

Sleepy Eater

Sweet Dreams

Just like Dad

I’ve always been a pack rat, saving ticket stubs, boarding passes and other momentos that tell “my story” – even if they end up packed in storage tubs or tucked away in dresser drawers and jewlery boxes.  When Garth’s folks came to visit Seneca, they brought alone a large portfolio envelope that housed several works of art from Garth’s childhood.  (I’ll try to snap a few pics of my favorites from the collection!)

Then, a couple weeks later, we made our way northward to visit them in the U.P. and Mom excitedly said she had a shirt for Calder, and she pulled out this…

Daddy's Shirt

Perfectly frayed along the bottom and somewhat thin, my heirloom-loving heart soared at the sight.  Here’s the story as I understand it.  Sometime when Garth himself was a wee one, he was given the nickname of Garfo Q. Tucket (I believe by Grandpa) and it stuck enough that he was given his own special shirt.  Now, it’s not something that he’s called on a daily basis…but it does have a nice ring to it, don’t ya think?

Watching Calder toddle away in his daddy’s shirt gave me that little lump in my throat and made my eyes tingle.  It also challenged me to keep track of a few treasured items (blankie?) as the years fly by…

BSM ~ Chicken Phone

So we survived our first week of Dad being back to work.  Honestly, it went far better than I anticipated, except that they were extremely l-o-n-g days!  It didn’t help that Garth had late practice last week, so he wasn’t home until after 7 each night. 

With more time at home, and less time spent engaged in conversation with other adults, I’m finding that I have just as many (if not more) pictures I have taken, but far less (read: zip, zero, zilch) time to actually process and post them.

Here’s a series from a couple weeks ago that makes me laugh every time!  For months now, Calder has used anything and everything as a phone – shoes, tub toys, plastic utensils…and yes…food!  In fact, food has become one of his all-time favorite mediums for this fascination.  We’ve had pancake phones, spaghetti phones…you name it!

The hilarious part is that he always starts his “conversations” on his “phones” with some version of “ummm,” followed by gibberish I wouldn’t begin to know how to type!

Here he is enjoying lunch as usual…

Chicken Phone 3

When he suddenly feels the need to employ the use of his “phone”…

Chicken Phone 2

Oops, it’s slipping…

Chicken Phone 1

This one, is definitely my best shot for today.  Not necessarily because it’s a great image, but because of the adorable smirk on his face.  Apparently his “chicken phone” is the best one yet…because it looks to be bluetooth capable!

Chicken Phone 4

While I can attest to the fact that it is indeed chicken in his ear, when I showed my cousin Jessie these pictures, she thought it looked like cauliflower.  Now that would have been too classic – “cauliflower ear.”