~Best Shot Monday – Tis the Season~

Crazy Hair

This is the adorable face I greeted Sunday morning after what was clearly a hard night’s sleep!  With a mere five days remaining until holiday break, I’m feeling like my hair is in a similar state from being pulled out due to stress and worry that we’ll finish our school projects amidst all the other fun holiday festivities I want to be doing!  I’m sure it will all turn out just fine as it always seems to, and besides – how can I stay stressed when I see such cute faces?

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Summer Lovin’


I love the way you explore the world with endless wonder.  Toddling uncertainly, I can see you becoming braver and more courageous as you discover your surroundings.  I pray that I won’t lose sight of my patience when I wait, and watch, while you hover over a parade of ants marching down the rocky sidewalk. 

My heart soars when, in the midst of cleaning, organizing, and preparing – you play and giggle and “help” in your own special way.  And then you approach me.  “Uh, uh” (up, up) you request, climbing over my sweaty legs with your own sticky skin.  Unphased by my growing baby bump, you settle in, resting your head for a few blissful minutes.

This time – this precious fleeting moment – reminds me to stop and savor all that you are every minute of every day.

Best Shot Monday ~ Sweet Summer

I’m a big fan of the better-late-than-never mantra.  While I began this post well over 12 hours ago, our plans changed and well, here it is…

Perhaps it’s the pending arrival of another child that has me so reflective lately, or I suppose it could be the fact that I very recently *finished* Calder’s baby book.  Either way, I felt like sharing a few of my favorite shots that still don’t do justice to the amazing little boy he is becoming. 

Heading in after a tour through Papa’s Garden

Dirty Bum 

Sitting so well for his second official haircut, and getting the hang of his first sucker…

Small Bribes

Last Thursday, when I believe the temps were well into the 90s and the humidity had to be at least 100%, Katie and I made plans to connect at Hawk Island County Park.  I fell in love with this place last fall when we had a cross country meet there – I just knew that it would be a perfect summer day escape for us!  My expectations were certainly met!  While I don’t have many pictures (I found it tricky to keep an eye on our belongings, stay within arms length of Calder and keep my camera dry) I did manage to snap a few to share our day.

Here’s one of the many gadgets that chill and thrill…(and for the record, the blast of these buckets nearly topples a toddler!)

Water Works

Between shoving yogurt melts and crackers in his face sharing and trying to climb the back of the lounge chair, I managed to take at least one shot of Cooper and Calder just hangin’ out…

Fun with Friends

And my best shot for today, is this little gem.  In the larger version you can really see his furrowed brow as he studies his cracker, the few stray crumbs on his face, and the chubbiness of his little hands.  Beyond that, this picture reminds me of the blissful exhaustion that follows the perfect play on a summer’s day.

A snack and a rest

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