Leaps and Bounds

I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it a million times more, but I swear that motherhood keeps getting better!  I am absolutely amazed at how much Calder changes each and every day.  While he’s far from a perfect walker, and still struggles a bit over rough terrain, his toddle now has a bit of attitude or expression to it, depending on his mood that particular minute. 

In the past few weeks he’s exploded with language and interaction, slowing moving from calling most things “Dis” (this) and pointing, to signing and/or attempting to say many new words.  He’s been using “more,” “milk,” “water,” and “bird” for a while now.  And now he’s also using “ball,” “dog,” “chew,” “cheese,” “Xanther,” “flag” and sometimes “tree.”  He is constantly thinking and solving, playing and pretending.  There are so many words that he knows when we say them, that I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before he starts using them too. 

And not that I expect he “knows” what’s going on, but if you ask him where the baby is, he points to my belly and gives a big grin.  I’m just stunned at how much of a little boy he is becoming and how it was just a fleeting moment ago that he was a tiny baby. 

We’ve been trying to make a better effort to read more with Calder and tonight before bed was no exception.  After just a few nights of this routine, he’s quickly learned to go to the bookshelf, pick a book then snuggle in the chair for the story. 

I found him irresistably cute as he spent nearly two minutes grasping at the straw in the drink and the potato chips in one of the illustrations.  He ultimately decided that pulling the book close to his face would allow him to taste the yumminess of the treats.  He even gave his typical “ahhh” after his fake drink.  I’m stunned by his imagination! 

And if that wasn’t enough, two pages later, when we learned that the little fish was all alone, he flashed me his concerned expression and my heart surged.  I know there’s going to come a day when I’m no longer cool, and I’m begging him to open up to me.  But right here, and right now, I am totally head-over-heels in love with the transparency of his emotions. 

As he eagerly snuggled in with his blanket and paci and giggled when I said “I Love You” I knew that tomorrow would hold a whole new adventure for us.

Best Shot Monday ~ Way Up High

Summer Fun 002

We had tons of fun spending time with Daddy’s family in the U.P. last week, and exploring the campground and Higgins Lake with Mommy’s family over the 4th!  I’m quickly becoming quite a ham and keeping everyone quite entertained!

Mom has a bunch of pictures to work on, so I’m sure she’ll be posting them soon now that we’re finally home and getting back into the “normal” routine.

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Family, Fun and Freedom

As we made our way slowly down from the U.P. just yesterday, stopping for a wonderful visit with a friend and her precious girls, Garth and I talked about how much this getaway has been absolutely perfect for us.

We’re savoring every moment with family, watching Calder grow and connect with cousins, aunts, grandparents and more.  And while we can’t be with everyone we’d like to be this holiday weekend, we send our love and well-wishes to each of you.

Since we’re all a little sun-kissed, and dirty-footed, I figured tossing in some unprocessed photos would fit the theme of the laid-back weekend quite well.  Here’s a little dose of red, white, and blue from around Great Grandma’s place!

July 4 011

July 4 013

Savoring Summer

While my last “official” day of school was technically Tuesday, I still went in for meetings on Wednesday, had a full day of appointments, visiting and praise band practice yesterday, so today feels like my first real day of summer vacation. 

I’m quickly adjusting to the lack of lazy, leisurely mornings (ahem, someone likes to rise and shine at 6am still!), but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  Following bottle and breakfast, Dad left for an appointment so I spent the bulk of my morning playing and observing the ever-changing personality of little man. 

Knowing that we’ll soon be in the single-digit countdown (I’m 30 weeks along today!) until the arrival of our next baby, I feel like I want to soak up all the special moments possible!  I love seeing him climb, crawl, walk and waddle all around our house.  Not to mention hearing him babble, match voice inflections, and test things out.  For instance, today he spent about 15 minutes deconstructing the Sesame Street car wash toy he got for Christmas.  Then, he inspected each piece to see if it would fit in a different place.  He eventually pinched one piece under his chin and tried to stand up – just to see if he could. 

I hope to post more frequently with a little more “free” time for a while.  I have some pretty hefty goals set for myself (and the family) for the summer months so we’ll see if it all comes together.  For now, check out a few of my favorite pictures I took recently.

Visiting Grandma and Grandpa
June 12 031


Climbing Calder
June 12 019


Kicking Back
Post-fit pout