Surprise Snack

This is reposted from my school blog where I am participating in a month-long blogging challenge to write a small, slice-of-life story each day throughout the month of March.  This is the fourth time I’ve taken on the challenge, though last year I struggle to keep up.

When March rolled around, I thought about writing from this blog, but decided to keep it consistent and use the one I’ve used for all past challenges.  But, I might, from time to time, repost something here.  Because more often than not, I find myself writing about my family, I’m sure much to the chagrin of my students.

Perhaps, when I return to the classroom in the fall, I will try to structure it differently – professional and personal, school blog and personal blog.  But then again, perhaps not.  Because writing is writing and we are all inspired by so many different things.  So, for now…here’s a little slice from yesterday…

*                         *                          *

Today, we’re resting and recovering in hopes of returning to full health for the week ahead. I realize how rarely these days tend to come around, and how we might fare better if we took these days more often while healthy, instead of only after days of sickness.  Soft blankets surround snuggled bodies on comfortable couches.  Laughter and light fill the living room where we have played, talked, watched, and read throughout the morning.

With our encouragement, the kids headed upstairs to play in Seneca’s room.  We could hear them playing and were suspicious of the enthusiasm with which they bounded down the stairs, and their warnings to stay out of the kitchen.  A few minutes later and the whispered clanking we’d heard all made sense.

Excitedly, they presented me with the snack they’d prepared – Chicken in a Biskit crackers with Nutella, and cold coffee with creamer.


If you’d have told me ten years ago that such a snack could have warmed my heart, I might have agreed to be polite.  But I realize now that it’s not about the snack at all, but the motivation of kindness that brings joy to my soul.

Gratitude ~ Day 26

Their eyes wide with excitement, they ask if we’re really staying here.  I see my husband’s tense shoulders from hours driving through the dark and snow.

“Yes, we’re really staying here.”

Peals of laughter and squeals erupt from their little bodies.  Once in our room, they tear out of their clothes and into swimsuits in record time.

Tonight – I’m thankful for well-planned surprises and whispers of “Thanks, Mommy – this was the bestest surprise.”


:: Crafty Tuesday ~ Party Time! ::

While I’m not sure this constitutes actual craftiness, it’s the best I’ve got!  We’ve known for a while that there would be a definite dinosaur theme, so when I found this adorable little digital scrapbooking set, I thought I’d give it a whirl making his invites.  They turned out so much better than I could have hoped.  We simply printed them on white cardstock and sent them as postcards!

Party Invite Web

Party Invite Back

Post-birthday party I’m sure we’ll have lots more pictures of the festivities and some of the other little crafty fun we’re planning for the cake and goodie bags.  He’s already so excited and I can’t believe it’s coming up in just a couple of weeks!  Yowsa, Mom better get busy!

This is the first time I’ve really ever done anything with digi-scrap stuff.  I suspected I would like it, but playing with this I think I’m hooked.  I’m not quite sure about how to use some of the embellishments, especially the cute cords and ropes, or getting things to have that sewn effect.  Any digi-scrappers out there with tips or hints.  Not that I need any more blogs to add to my reader, but if there are places with good tutorials, I’d love to learn a bit more!

Be sure to swing by Carrie’s for some creative inspiration!

:: Team-up Thursday ~ Snow ::


I wouldn’t have imagined that Jaimee and I would have had an opportunity to tackle this theme together and in such a similar way given our geography.  There is a certain sense of awe, wonder and beauty that comes with a fresh blanket of fallen snow.  I admit I do have an affinity for icicles, twinkle lights, and a good cup of cocoa after a hard afternoon’s play.

For this week’s interpretation of our theme, I turned to one of the two winter weddings I had the pleasure of photographing.  After one two three computers crashed since late-November, hundreds of my pictures spent far too long sitting in loneliness on our external hard-drive.  How fun that today they came out to play! 

So far, it’s been really fun to see how our images and interpretations of our chosen theme come together.  I love the way these are both shot from behind the subject.  The way the river draws the eye, the fact that the gals are both on the same side of the guys…there’s just too much to love!  In fact, at a time of year when most Michiganders are pretty much over the novelty of snow, today’s challenge has made me happy to have it around for at least a few more weeks!  Thanks for the great shot, Jaimee!

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