Best Shot Monday ~ Cider Mill Fun

We couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather for our trip to Uncle John’s Cider Mill on Saturday.  It was great fall fun and it gave us a chance to hang out with our friends for a while too!

Driving a tractor…

October 6 003b

Cute tush crawling around!

October 6 024 copy

Cool fire truck…

October 6 013 copy

Future fire fighter?

October 6 010 copy

I love their goofy faces here!

October 6 019 copy

A sandbox…yippee!

October 6 005 copy


October 6 031 copy

“I hold onto Calder…”

October 6 002

Watching the horsies down by the orchard.

October 6 032 copy

October 6 033 copy

“Mmmm….donuts are good!”

October 6 038 copy

Seneca sorta woke up, but didn’t seem too enthused about cider!

October 6 046 copy

Fun family shot (notice Calder can’t stop waving his arms for a second!)

October 6 059 copy

Finally, my Best Shot.  I don’t think there’s anything about this image I could love more!  He seems like such a big boy here! 

October 6 009 copy

Even though I’m late this week, I still wanted to play.  Head here to see other best shots!