Gratitude ~ Day 24

I spent the morning, with lovely ladies in our church nursery.  There’s something fabulous about snuggling sweet babies and playing peek-a-boo, especially when it seems like just yesterday that my own kids were that age, instead of studying spelling words and practicing phonics!

Following the morning, we enjoyed a potluck and good conversation with friends before taking a literal Sunday drive through town as a family.  Calder told us about the luminary bag he colored, we waved hello at friends’ houses, and finished up with a trip to Biggby, prior to the afternoon’s big event.

Meeting back at the church, a friend and her son went with the kids and I to see a nearby high school performance of Beauty and the Beast.  I’d always heard great things about this school’s productions, and this was my first experience.  Even from our occasional obstructed view from the balcony, we were so impressed with the talent, the set, the costuming, and the all-around experience of the magic!!  I love that my kids enjoy the theater.

I love the feel of their weight leaning in as they attempt to climb up on their seat or my lap in order to see better, and the feel of their hot breath as they attempt to whisper questions or point out things they notice on the stage.  I’m grateful for friends to share the experience and for the momentary chance to be transported to another time, another place.


Gratitude ~ Day 14


Today, I’m so thankful for the chance to talk to my kids about what color of hats they would like, and then surprise them with handmade hats at the end of the day!  When I think about those frustrating moments learning to crochet a sloppy chain with my grandmother, or wavy-edged scarves thanks to dropped stitches and inconsistent tension in my grasp – it’s all worthwhile to have a skill that I can fall back on.

Granted, I can’t read a pattern to save my life and I’m indebted to my friend Erica for giving me a tutorial on this pattern just last night.  Are they perfect?  Far from it.  But they’re made.  They’re complete and they’re just right.


Gratitude ~ Day 13

Today, I’m grateful for the blessing of friendship.  From impromptu afternoon lunch dates and a chance to crash on another friend’s couch while our kids enjoy AWANA.

Friendship is such a beautiful thing.


:: Team-up Thursday ~ Snow ::


I wouldn’t have imagined that Jaimee and I would have had an opportunity to tackle this theme together and in such a similar way given our geography.  There is a certain sense of awe, wonder and beauty that comes with a fresh blanket of fallen snow.  I admit I do have an affinity for icicles, twinkle lights, and a good cup of cocoa after a hard afternoon’s play.

For this week’s interpretation of our theme, I turned to one of the two winter weddings I had the pleasure of photographing.  After one two three computers crashed since late-November, hundreds of my pictures spent far too long sitting in loneliness on our external hard-drive.  How fun that today they came out to play! 

So far, it’s been really fun to see how our images and interpretations of our chosen theme come together.  I love the way these are both shot from behind the subject.  The way the river draws the eye, the fact that the gals are both on the same side of the guys…there’s just too much to love!  In fact, at a time of year when most Michiganders are pretty much over the novelty of snow, today’s challenge has made me happy to have it around for at least a few more weeks!  Thanks for the great shot, Jaimee!

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Museum Fun

Last week we headed to Impression 5 to check out their cool exhibits and the new First Impression room designed specifically for toddlers!  It was an action-packed day that involved a quick 20 minutes on the treadmill, meeting Aunt Julie for coffee, spending 2 fabulous hours at the museum, and finally meeting up with Grandma and Grandpa for lunch.

Ladies, I hope you had as much fun as I did watching our little monkeys climb, crawl, explore and play their way through the day.  And considering the excitement and the late lunch, things were incident free!  I’ve played with a few of the pictures I snapped and have included them below for your viewing pleasure!  Enjoy!

Museum 4

Lovin’ the dimples!

Museum 2

I think he would have swum in the bubbles if I’d have let him!

Museum 5

Little Mama!

Museum 7

One of the several toys that ended up in the “to be cleaned” bucket during our visit!

Museum 10

Museum 13

Museum 12

Once he found the fish he was all set!

Museum 6

Museum 3

Museum 8

“Look at the splash I can make!”

Museum 9

Museum 1

Fun feature to keep kids busy in the lobby…that is if my kid didn’t try to steal two of the marbles!

Museum 11

I absolutely L-O-V-E this shot!  When he makes me so crazy, I want to remember the sweet look on his adorable face at this moment!  It takes my breath away!

While Seneca was there, she and Great Aunt Julie got lots of time to snuggle.  I really wanted this to be a day for Calder – to let him run around, be loud, climb in, on and through everything he wanted…and have my full attention.  It was so very well worth every second!


On a completely unrelated note…I have a question for any and all of my readers.  When I put lots of shots in a post such as today’s, is it easier/better to have my two cents written above the shot or below it?  Trivial, I know, but I can’t ever decide which way to go.  Your help is appreciated! 🙂