~ Wordless Wednesday – Snow Day ~

If memory serves me correctly, our only other snow day this year also fell on a Wednesday.  Then too, I took full advantage of the time to make some super fun holiday treats.  While I’ve yet to photograph them, today too was spent creating some lovey-dovey Valentine’s confections.  My favorite of which is the super pepperminty popcorn, though I think the kids are going to like the cookies better.  I’ll try to get pictures up soon!

Garth’s been a busy fella keeping us shoveled out, though we have zero intentions of leaving the house today!  We got a good 14 inches of snow since yesterday morning.  The craziest thing is that just MONDAY, knowing the weather was imminent, I opted to push naptime back and go for a couple mile run with the kids in the jogger.  Bundled in snowgear and strapped into the jogger, we enjoyed the bright sunshine and the near 40-degree weather.  We had green grass with odd banks of snow here and there.  Today…well, it’s a much different story…but one we’re enjoying nonetheless.  Today’s gift was even better considering we knew about it last night, so we actually got the chance to sleep in until nearly 7:30!!

Oops!  I just realized this was supposed to be a wordLESS post!  Guess I’m more into Wordful Wednesday today! 🙂  Now, for the pics!

See the grassy spots?!
Pre-Snow 2

These are shots from yesterday afternoon – the kids haven’t made it out yet today, though I’m sure they will!
Snow 1

Snow 2

Snow 3

Snow 4

Snow 5

Snow 6

What’s better than coming inside for nice hot cocoa?!
Cocoa 1

Cocoa 2

Cocoa 3

Cocoa 4

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Wordless Wednesday ~ Good Times at the Gardens

Earlier this year, we took a trip to Meijer Gardens to see their butterfly exhibit, and just shy of heading outside to explore, it started raining, so we headed home.  It wasn’t until later this summer that I discovered the treasure that is the Children’s Garden!  A few friends and I met for a playdate and I knew we had to go back.  As our final weekend of summer, we headed their the Friday of Labor Day weekend to take in the last days of the Alexander Calder art exhibit.  While he isn’t necessarily Calder’s namesake, it’s still too cool to miss! 

Textured Squinting

If you think a little thing like not being able to walk is stopping her from literally soaking up all the fun she could possibly have…well, you’ve got another thing coming!  Little Miss had a fantastic time.  I can only imagine how much fun she’ll have throughout the coming year!

Gardens 8

Gardens 5

Gardens 4

I spent too much time getting just the right picture in front of the Calder sculpture at the Gardens….and was thrilled with this result.  It was only after several minutes of shooting (while Garth and Seneca walked ahead) that we learned this wasn’t in fact, a Calder.  *sigh*  Regardless, I have to say I love these two shots!

Gardens 3

Gardens 2

Playing with my new zoom lens…and The American Horse sculpture was a pretty sweet subject!

Gardens 1

Gardens 10

Gardens 9

Calder Exhibit 1

My finger was just itching to snap a few dozen pictures of the amazing artifacts we saw at the exhibit, but understandably, photographs are not allowed.  Thankfully, there was a hands-on aspect to the exhibit where it was permissible to snap some pictures…I love the concentration here as he constructs his own mobile. 

Calder Exhibit 3

Calder Exhibit 5

Calder Exhibit 4

Calder Exhibit 7

Calder Exhibit 6

Calder Exhibit 2

I suppose this is more a Wordful Wednesday than Wordless Wednesday, but either way….hope yours is happy!