Theme Thursday ~ Sunshine

After a stretch of dreary days, I was thrilled to see this when we arrived home from our trip to the grocery store. 

Sunshine 1

Sunshine 2

Sunshine 3

I’m still working on capturing the great sun flare, and playing with the processing to really make ’em pop.  It’s fun to watch them transform!   

Despite the stark contrast to last weekend, we’re gearing up for a nice Saturday of yard work and house cleaning.  Sadly, good productive days like this tickle me nearly as much as the super fun ones too!

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The book fairy

Being rather into words myself, I’m thrilled that Calder seems to enjoy his books.  Often times, amidst what I’m sure is brilliant baby-onics, I’ll hear his recognizable “A, O, U!” when he’s looking at text.  Mind you, it might be a book, the bottle of lotion or what have you.  This little vowel game started way back in May when Garth and Calder spent a weekend up north so he could speak at a banquet at his high school.  Apparently Calder found the vowels to be highly entertaining when Grandma recited them, and well, now he says his vowels!

Well, “O” and “U” are almost always said, sometimes “A.”  The “E” and “I” however, haven’t quite made the cut.  We’re singing “Old MacDonald” in hopes that they’ll grow on him!

I’m always trying to find books to share with Calder – those I love, and new ones as well.  While we’ve been blessed with several books from family members, it seems that a recent visit from Aunt Julie (aka. the book fairy) has taken our level of bookcase fullness to new heights.  The huge box was loaded with all sorts of books enjoyed by her boys, the youngest of whom is now in middle school.

It’s been fun sharing these stories, and finding early cursive handwriting in the “This Book Belongs to” labels inside some of them.  When I finally got around to sorting them a little, I found this…


I know I’ve done it myself – purchased a book only to find I already owned it.  But this really has me wondering how they came to have four (I think there might have been five actually, but I wasn’t about to wander into a napping child’s room to check) copies of this little classic?  If I ever find out, I’ll be sure to share!

While I know this is extremely late, I had to share my multiples for today, and thought these were much more interesting than piles of dirty laundry!

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Theme Thursday ~ Idleness

Scene: Living Room on Tuesday

Fed, burped, and ready to be popped into her seat, Seneca enjoyed an idle moment snuggled in her Boppy in the crook of the couch. 

Calder, on the other hand had all pistons firing as he “Set, Go’d” his way through putting away his toys (well, two of them anyway).  In any case, I was fairly impressed that he a) understood the request and b) followed through. 

I quickly tossed the remaining toys in the bin so we could be on our way to Calder’s appointment.  I’ll argue here that while I wasn’t physically idle, I felt like I was mentally.  There I was…lost in my random thoughts, and silently pleased with myself for getting so much accomplished and actually leaving on time when I glanced over and saw my sweet boy leaning lovingly on the couch, completely fascinated by his sister.  More specifically, by these.   

Watching the two of them for a brief moment fueled yet another reverie as I collected the bags and such to set by the door.  What will they be like next summer?  I wondered.  How about 5 years from now?  In high school? 

I thought back to when he first met his sister in the hospital.  Perhaps being it was a boy thing or a 17-month-old thing, but he was far more interested in this and this, the little ham! 

Then I heard it.  A piercing scream.  I rushed across the room to find my daughter with slobbery feet and a decent-sized tooth (molar, maybe?) dent in the top of her big toe.  Unsure of what actually happened, and looking rather sheepish and scared, Calder was slowly backing away from the screamer (and me).

Thankfully I had the presence of mind to realize it was a case of curiosity gone awry, so I scooped him up (watery eyes and all) and calmly “explained” that we don’t bite and that he gave sister an owie.  Once he was good to go, I picked up a quieter Seneca and we gave kisses and practiced the new “sorry” sign. 

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The Fair ~ Fun, Food and Friendship

Thanks to a menacing sky and a torrential downpour (that lasted just long enough for us to change our plans) we missed our opportunity to visit the local county fair this summer.  I was eager to take C. through the barns and to sink my still-craving-sweets-like-crazy teeth into the soft, sugary goodness of a fresh elephant ear. 

So, I was beyond thrilled when we arrived in the U.P. for the holiday weekend when we were invited to the fair by my mother-in-law and niece.  With Seneca in the sling and Calder in the stroller we made our rounds.

First the “birds” – but only from a distance.  He sure tried climbing out of his stroller when Grandma wheeled him a tad too close!

Hey Chick!

Then the cows…which he really liked

Moo Cow

The sheep were cute and many came up to the gates to get some lovin’.


There were a couple pig barns, and surprisingly they really weren’t that stinky!  I stuck my camera over the side of the pen for this shot.  Is it just me, or do they look like they’re smiling?  I figured this image was better than the other one I took of a pig – **wink, wink, Mom!**

Snuggly Piggies

After a short stop for a hot dog, we made it to the rides.  They sure look like a lot of fun, but we were pushing our luck as it was nap time.  Factor in the snuggling newborn and a very vivid memory of nearly losing my brother from a high-flying fair ride many moons ago and I wasn’t about to purchase any tickets.  Maybe some kiddie rides next year…maybe.

Loop Plane

As if I thought he’d turn down fried dough topped with cinnamon and sugar.  He was working his “more” sign to the bone for a few minutes.  The three of us enjoyed sharing the monstrous confection.  That is, until the wind caught the paper plate and sent the last bits of it showering over Calder. 

Elephant Ears

As Mom and I headed home with the kids, K. left with her friends to hang out for an hour or so.  I can’t believe that she’s already in middle school.  It seriously feels like yesterday that my friends and I were walking arm in arm around the fair, running down the halls and hanging out at bonfires. 


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