:: Week 4 ::

This week has had us in several different modes – from slowing down and taking in the new fallen snow, to feeling completely done with the slush and salt of winter.  We tried (and loved) “dip-eggs” this week, and enjoyed fun and funky ice cream with friends on Friday!  I’m still learning, thinking and reading all I can about business, and Thursday we got to play with a fun new document camera – imagine the possibilities in the classroom!

January 23 ~

January 24 ~

January 25 ~

January 26 ~

January 27 ~

January 28 ~

January 29 ~

:: Week 3 ::

Here’s my take on this past week…any favorites?  Any that really make you wonder?  Any that would be better if you knew the story…let’s chat, shall we?

January 16 ~

January 17 ~

January 18 ~

January 19 ~

January 20 ~

January 21 ~

January 22 ~

:: Week 2 ::

The first week was surprisingly easy.  Something would happen around the house and I’d realize that this was my shot for the day.  Inspiration was a little less obvious this week.  While I don’t feel the same sense of pride over this week’s photos, I do think that the discipline of this process is so worth it!

I checked out a few links to other completed 365 projects and realized that I need to show more than just our kids!  That, and the fact that we had 2 days without kids around the house (thanks, Grandma and Grandpa) allowed us to take a couple shots of us this week too.

January 9 ~

January 10 ~

January 11 ~

January 12 ~

January 13 ~

January 14 ~

January 15 ~

:: Awakening ::

There’s something about the start of a brand. new. year.  I’ve never really been one for resolutions, rather I prefer to think of fresh starts.  As a teacher, I enjoy this sense of “second chance” as I prepare my classroom each fall, and again with the start of each term.  As a mother, I’m in constant need of do-overs, and as a writer, I’d be nothing without revision.

Even now, with the thought of capturing an image each day as a way of recording a bit of our family’s history, I’m hesitant to commit to the idea, and it’s not for lack of desire.  I l-o-v-e the idea of this.  It’s the follow-through that sends a small shiver of fear down my spine.  So, I’ve decided that for better or worse, I’ll shoot for a full year of daily images.  I’ll attempt to post them weekly, and if I miss a couple hundred days, then I’ll take what I’ve got and smile at all the money I saved making a smaller coffee table book!

I hope you’ll join me on this journey.