Gratitude ~ Day 19

Today, I was able to join a group of teacher-friends at a monthly meeting where we are doing the heavy lifting of curriculum alignment and assessment preparation – in the sense of writing items which is a lot harder than I had once thought.

I received word that I was needed at home, and had to leave early.  Thankfully everyone was safe, and all turned out well.  In fact, I ended up with a few free minutes and took my husband’s advice to get outside.  So I did.  I visited a nearby ridge where I’d seen some work being done – well actually, just evidence of work (heave machinery, trailers, etc.) but I hadn’t viewed the finished product yet.

I wandered down and was amazed!  A bridge, a gazebo, a footpath to the water.  It was stunning, with weather to match!  I was so thankful for the opportunity to take in the beauty and I snapped this quick picture with my phone.

Greenview Point


Gratitude ~ Day 16

Today, I finally had the chance to finish up some pictures I took way back in September!  I love capturing great images that help me think and reflect.  The first few are from some shots I took to test out my new macro lens.

CCR001 CCR002 CCR003 CCR005 CCR009 CCR010

These next few are from our last weekend spent camping in northern Michigan.  Do you see the deer bedded down right outside someone’s walkout basement?

CCR015 CCR019 CCR021 CCR022

Love this cutie!


She looks like a real explorer!  And when did she get so TALL!



:: Week 6 ::

Well, it took some time, but I finally recovered from my sickness just in time for perhaps the busiest, craziest week ever.  Having finally caught up for a bit, feel free to click the images to read a little more about how each image is my response to the joy of LOVE prompts.


February 6 ~


February 7 ~


February 8 ~

February 9 ~

February 10 ~


February 11 ~

February 12 ~

:: Week 5 ::

It’s official – I’ve made it a full month!!  I think this is the first week that I’ve had to play catch up with a picture, but I think I’m OK with that.  Funny thing, is that I’m also trying to keep myself more organized with my photo files.  There was something so pleasing and secure seeing the file number match the date and knowing I was right on track.  Then February 1, rolled around and the file number became 32-365.  Sure, it’s not that big of a deal, but folks, if this threw me for a loop now, in February I can only imagine how crazy I’ll be in October, when I haven’t a clue if I’ve missed a day or not! 🙂

I think I’ve figured out a way around this, until I learn more about how to pare down the number of files I keep on my dear computer.

If you’d like a little more “story” to the images throughout the month of February, click the picture.  I’m merging my Project 365 with another creative endeavor for the month.

January 30 ~


January 31 ~


February 1 ~


February 2 ~


February 3 ~


February 4 ~


February 5 ~