Winks and Wishes

Yesterday after school I knew I needed to get some fresh air for at least a few minutes.  Between the far-too many hours spent at the computer in the wee morning hours, I’ve managed to find a few extra pounds as well.

The brisk winter breeze that greeted us when we carted all our school gear inside was nearly enough for me to rethink my initial plan.  But thanks to some kids I’d promised to push in the jogger and a husband willing to get it around and ready for us, we pressed on.

Sweats, Under Armour shirt, parka, scarves, gloves, kids in snowsuits and ready with the blanket to cover them just in case and we were ready!  It felt good to be out there.  Ever the personal trainers, they begged me to run and I indulged them on a particularly steady downhill stretch!

Shortly after that and nearing the end of our walk, they began to get restless, vying for space which considerably less given how much they’ve grown and thickness of their winter wear.  In order to keep them focused on something else, I gave an off the cuff suggestion.  “Why don’t you catch some wishes?”

A short pause in our pace allowed me to show them how exactly they caught wishes.  “Glance around you, keep an eye out and give a little…wink.”  I said.  We walked on a while as they winked and settled in closer together, space no longer a concern.

We rounded the corner for home.  “OK, now it’s time to send some wishes back out into the air.”

“How do we do that?” Calder asked.

“Like this,” I said.  Crouching alongside the jogger, I whispered into my hand, paused for the briefest moment and then opened my gloved fingers and blew the wish into the air.

The final steps home were spent sending “Giggles” and “Goofiness” among a few other wishes out into the universe, just in case some other mom was out with her kids, making up random games that turn into some of the warmest moments of a cold winter day.

Health Update

It’s been far too long since I’ve posted my weight loss progress and latest fitness goals.  Here’s hoping that being back on the bloggin’ bandwagon will reinvigorate my drive to personal health as well.  That’s not to say things have been completely lackluster around here. 

I’m proud to announce that I achieved Weight Watchers lifetime status about two months ago!  It was such an accomplishment to finally make it, and I’m thrilled to have maintained despite a harried schedule and haphazard approach to my nutritional intake.

On the fitness front, since November I’ve completed three more 5k races with my aunt (December, March and April) and my first 10k just over a month ago.  With over 17,500 people participating in the 3 events, it was an amazing feeling to finish.  It’s been so much fun to see how my approach to running has changed, and to finally have found the appeal everyone’s been talking about. 

I have a few more 5ks I’d like to do this summer and have begun toying with the idea of a longer run or perhaps a sprint triathlon.  Any advice on how to go about choosing the right event?  I have to make it work around my family first, which likely means training with a double jogger.  My only fear of something like a half marathon is that I don’t want something that is going to be so hard on my body that I’ll regret doing it. 

Obviously being able to train over the summer would be so much better for me, so an early fall event makes sense – especially if I’m thinking anything involving swimming – I wouldn’t want it to get too cold ’round here!  My doubts are whether or not I’ll actually stick to a training program, because if I’m really honest, discipline isn’t my forte!  Whatever it is, I need some goal to work towards…one that will allow me to find that commitment I had last fall to make healthy choices for me and my family!

Lookin’ for a win

If you’ve spent any time with me as of late you know of my addiction to contests. And just like last summer, when I tried my hand at bringing home one of these, I now have a second chance.

5 Minutes for Mom is partnering with to host a contest in which they’re giving away a Wii Fit!  This actually coincides with my already in-progress weight loss goals and having lost nearly 30lbs thus far, this little gadget might provide just the right amount of playful incentive to get the final flab to melt away!

Not that I want everyone to rush over and enter, I mean seriously, this puppy’s got my name on it.  OK, if you want to enter you can, and hopefully (if you win) you live close enough that I can knock on your door and we’ll get fit together!

Have fun and as always…here’s hoping!

Dumb luck

So, I didn’t plan on posting the results of my weigh in this week, knowing full well what I’d willingly shoveled into my mouth this week!  In fact, I really had to muster up the gumption to even go to the meeting to weigh in at all!  I figured, I needed to take the good with the bad, and accepting the responsibility of my choices was the right thing to do. 

My honest hope was to have a gain of no more than five pounds.  Imagine my surprise when the numbers rested nearly three pounds less than my last weigh in!  That’s right, I somehow lost 2.8 pounds this week!  I well aware of the likelihood that my holiday noshing will catch up with me next week…but knowing that I made progress will help keep me a little more accountable over the coming week!

Family ~ Best Shot Monday

I’ve always been one to get into the spirit of the holidays.  I love the cozy glow of white lights and the older I get the sooner I find myself bringing out the decorations and tuning to holiday music.  Perhaps its all the fond memories I have of Thanksgivings and Christmases spent laughing uncontrollably with friends and family. 

This year, I was particularly excited because it would be the first time my immediate family would be together since January!  And it would be Luke and Ann’s first introduction to their new niece!  Over the course of the three days we spent at Mom and Dad’s we had a tremendous time.

The weekend began Thursday morning when Dad, Julie and I particpated in the Turkeyman Trot along with 1207 other runners!  We thought it would be a pretty small race considering it was on Thanksgiving – guess we were wrong!  I may have mentioned it before, but all three of us finished in our best time ever!  Though it’s nowhere near a truly competitive time, I was shocked to wrap it up on 31:30 – now my goal is to be under 30 minutes! 

Julie 2

Jules and Dad

Dad 2


Race 1

We feasted on delicious dishes, took the annual Turkey Day picture and went with the crew to the movie that night as we’ve done for over a decade now to name a few of the festivities. I think the thing that thrilled me most was being able to capture a shot of our entire immediate family – something that’s not altogether easy to do long-distance. This was such a great way to close the weekend!


This is defintely my best shot for today.  Slip on over to Tracey’s to see more!