Cousins, Bowling and Pizza

As the family continues to grow and the kids get older and more independent, it’s bittersweet to see what changes and what stays the same.  For the past several years, the U.P. cousins get together at some point during our time up north to go bowling and have pizza!

Here’s a group photo from 2013 where we gathered at Aunt Gretchen’s house for a little laughter and karaoke following our bowling.  It’s amazing to see the changes in each of these kiddos!


Here’s the snap from this year!  Thankfully we’ve begun including more extended cousins, and those who are now grown-up and living far away were able to make it back!


When I needed to pull some photos together this past summer, I realized that there’s a definite lack of pictures of the whole crew.  My guess is that’s that case for most families, where the parents are busy snapping pics of the kids and their activities.

So, we all joined in for a big group photo!  Though the parents usually congregate and chat, I’m guessing in a few years we’ll have to join in to add a new dynamic to this Christmas tradition!