His Growing Sense of Humor


I am so thankful to share my love of reading and books with my little guy.  Though it shouldn’t surprise me, one of my favorite series has become truly one of his as well.  Not too long ago, Calder finished the final Harry Potter book in the original series.  Given that we’re juggling school and activities, we’re finding scraps of time to work through the newest one – Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

Last weekend, I attended NCTE and brought Calder’s copy of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them so I could be ready for our movie outing.  Today, was the perfect combination of relaxation and rest with a hint of productivity.

As I watched and listen to Calder and his friend chat on the way to the movie, it struck me just how much he’s growing up.  Last night, he was particularly slap-happy and on a bit of role with his quirky sense of humor.  Today, it was more of the same.  My favorite, was when we were headed out of the theater and I told the boys they could get a refill of their drinks if they wanted.

Me: Calder, just a bit, Buddy!  Fill it half full.

C: (smiling) Mom, I’m not an optimist.

Me: (pausing, while it registers, then smiling myself) Well, then leave it half empty!

This kid!  He fills the air with so many words and there will soon come a day when I will long for the endless commentary and wry sense of humor.  I can only pray that he will still be willing to share!