Checking in

It’s been a while, but I’m still here. I’m down nearly 20lbs to date and I feel good. This journey has not been without struggles as we’ve been riding an emotional roller coaster. 

I can tell that I’m beginning to feel the slide…meaning, I’m less motivated to track my food and now that school has started there are demands on my time that are keeping me sedentary.  

The other interesting factor is that just about the time my clothes feel loose and people begin to notice my weight loss, I start to feel somewhat entitled to that extra helping of whatever.  So, I’m here to remind myself to stay the course. I have 14 pounds to reach my first goal, and hopefully another 20 or so beyond that. 

I’m hoping to join a gym soon to keep me motivated and moving!! And spiritually, I’m leaning in and waiting on the Lord for His perfect timing in my life. He knows my heart and is using these trials to perfect my faith in Him!!

First Day of School!!