Yes Day! 

Years ago I saw a great video about 17 lovely things…time passed and I tried finding it again to no avail.  Then, I attend a reading conference and end up with a book called Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life. This leads me right back to said video and launches me into a world of new children’s books by the same author! 

One such picture book is Yes Day! After reading it from our local library, I knew I not only wanted to own it, but I wanted to give my kids a Yes Day! 

So, while brother was at camp, Sis got her first ever Yes Day! She enjoyed a passcode-free iPad, chocolate chips for breakfast, Mac n’ Cheese for lunch (and the Star Wars variety for dinner) among just a few of her indulgences! 

But perhaps a secondary benefit to this day was my realization that some of her requests would’ve been met with “No” or “Not now” for no good reason. This day made me appreciate how much I enjoy this crazy parenting journey and how much fun we can really have!! 

After shopping we picked up a friend and headed to Chuck E. Cheese for game time!

When she saw this one she said, “Yes! This is definitely going on the fridge!”

Their prizes!

Lunch time coloring at Steak and Shake! 

I couldn’t help but notice the changes in just a few weeks with her expander!!

Workout time! Strong is definitely the new pretty! 

Pastel chalk hair color!

Munchies and movies in a blanket fort – and a late bedtime!

Zombie cheerleader make-up fun!