While there are so very many moments of my days spent worrying about what isn’t getting accomplished and beating myself up about missed opportunities, I realize that there is so very much for which I am grateful.

Today, we woke up rested from a night of sleeping safe and warm in our beds.  We were still smiling from the fun of yesterday’s time with friends and the perfect snuggly end to our soggy trick-or-treating.

The sun shone brightly and made even the chill of the breeze enjoyable.

We laughed.  Loud and long and often.

We visited with family who made an impromptu visit.

We created and crafted together.  My hands on his as he crocheted, then knitted.  His hands on mine as he needed a reminder.

We read and talked and ate and baked.

We fellowshipped with one another and with our friends from church.

Tonight when we were all piled into beds in the kids’ room, we listened as Seneca read the bedtime story.  “I could listen to you read for hours,” Garth said.  a few pages later, Calder pipes up, “I agree with Dad.  I could listen to you read for hours too, Seneca.”

These moments seem few and far between, but when they come ’round, I savor them.