30 Days of Thankfulness – Day 1

One thing I’ve learned these past few years is that among life’s difficult decisions – deciding which college to attend, choosing a major, accepting a new job, finding your spouse, and buying a home – once you have children, deciding what to be for Halloween jumps to the top of the list!

Maybe it’s just our lovelies, but we often wait until the last minute to purchase or put together a costume, because it will inevitably change…many times!  Case in point – last Tuesday, Hubs and I had an unexpected day off and decided to put it to good use in going to get the kids’ costumes.  During the 15 minute drive, the kids changed their minds no less than ten times each.

But, I wouldn’t have it any other way!

While I hope to maintain my 30 Days of Thankfulness this month, there are a whole host of factors that may or may not make it a possibility.  Which is why, when I found the chalkboard image below, it seemed perfect.  Whether or not I record it daily, whenever I do, I’ll remember that for this day, I am thankful.


Today, as they attempt to send themselves into candy-induced comas, I’m thankful for the two beautiful blessings and the joy these kids bring to my life.  Being a mother is one of the hardest, and best things I’ve ever done.  On those hard days, those days when I wish we could rewind and start over, or those phases I wish we could fast forward through – those are the times when I try to remind myself that these children are the miracles I prayed for.  The tears I shed when it seemed motherhood wouldn’t be possible, give the tears I shed in motherhood a different perspective.

Having finally settled their difficult decision, we had such fun last night watching our Spiderman and Cackling Witch run from house to house.  And today, I’m thankful for their warm snuggles in the morning, and hearing their creativity as they draw pictures of their candy and of leaves.

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